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User Info: GamecubeIchiban

4 weeks ago#31
bob15x posted...
GamecubeIchiban posted...
da_StoOge posted...
Try another game

Seriously, it's far more likely that DOA6 has washed out blacks with HDR enabled than it is that you're TV is faulty.
For example, REmake 2 has a super washed out image in HDR that has nothing to do with people's TV's.

Find a game that's known to have great HDR and use that to calibrate your TV. Don't try setting up your TV on a game that might just have terrible HDR.

I've played DOA 6 in HDR on the Q8FN and X900F. The HDR has that typical "not implemented well" HDR effect of being sorta washed out and not as bright, but I didn't think that it was really bad or anything.

I personally don't think that overly cartoony and colorful games like DOA benefit from HDR as much as something going for a more real world look, but that's just me. I will say that I tried it with HDR on and off, and I preferred HDR on.

since you have both those tvs I have been looking at (want 65 inch) which is better? I like a bright tv.

Both will get very bright. I keep the Q8FN backlight at 37/50 for non HDR gaming, this is very bright. On X900F I keep it at 25/50, this is pretty bright. But the room it's in is dark, so others may get it a bit higher.

I think the Q8FN is better, assuming you win the panel lottery. I'm on my 3rd one right now, it's beautiful 95% of the time, but some light banding and DSE does pop up that other 5% (based on gaming, haven't had any issues with movies. Sports like hockey or NBA do have have DSE).

The X900F doesn't have any banding or DSE that I have noticed. Overall the picture doesn't *pop* like the Q8FN, but it's still very very nice and I have no complaints with it. X900F also supports Dolby Vision, which I have used for Netflix. It's a type of HDR I guess.
The Q8FN also has slightly lower input lag, but I didn't notice much difference going back and forth between the 2 TVs

Games that I tried on both (all issues described are on the Q8FN:
DOA 6 X1

Anthem X1 some minimal banding in the brownish underground areas of fort tarsis

Forza Horizon 4 X1 some minimal banding when driving at night (headlights into dark horizon screen

Forza Horizon 3 X1 some minimal banding when driving at night (headlights into dark horizon screen)

Red Dead 2 X1 has some banding in the snow sections

Gran Turismo PS4

Horizon ZD PS4

DB fighterz Switch

Mario Odyssey (noticable DSE on Q8FN)

Zelda Botw

Mario Kart 8

Super Mario U Deluxe
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User Info: krazykiwikid

4 weeks ago#32
NSGraphite posted...
krazykiwikid posted...
NSGraphite posted...
krazykiwikid posted...
NSGraphite posted...
It depends on the game. Try Shadow of the Tomb raider demo. On my PS4 pro the HDR is quite good on that. Its crap on other games though.

Well that's the PS4 Pro for you.

Its not the PS4 Pro. Its that there arent really any standards when it comes to HDR really yet. And since videogames dont have video standards in the same way that motion pictures do, its all experimental right now. They have to learn to get it right.

So why do games always look and play better on X1X?

That doesnt have anything to do with HDR. The game simply carries the HDR metadata which tells the tv how to handle the lighting and contrast in the game (or movie). It doesnt have anything to do with the processing power of the console (or Blu ray player for movies)

But games always look(and play) better on X1X soooooooooo.....
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