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User Info: Hucast9

6 days ago#1
I'm playing this game now. Most of the game seems to be jungle. When it comes to the jungle, the game looks like something that I would expect from next gen. This has got to be the most amazing looking jungle ever made.

User Info: Zombody2

6 days ago#2
it’s definitely up there. The game is stunning on the X, even the 60fps option looks and runs beautifully.
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User Info: Armyofone

6 days ago#3
It's the game I'm playing right now, got it with my X last week. I put it on higher framerate and the game looks gorgeous and feels so smooth
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User Info: kingofjamaica

6 days ago#4
It really doesn't.
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User Info: BeefEaster

6 days ago#5
some things look great but other things like character models and fire effects look terrible

those jackal things that attack you in some tombs are laughably bad

same with the llamas in that tribal village, I dunno how those made in in to the game looking like that
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User Info: NakedSnake1986

6 days ago#6
kingofjamaica posted...
It really doesn't.

Probably like me playing on a regular xbone with 1080p. I wish I could experience the game in 4k at 60fps.

User Info: AltiarLio

6 days ago#7
Well when next gen is the switch, almost any triple a title looks far beyond next gen lol
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User Info: BigBee2005

6 days ago#8
I agree TC - it is a stunning looking game! Am really enjoying my playthrough.

User Info: jerrick

6 days ago#9
If you compare to it to Crackdown 3 yes.

User Info: superwesker

6 days ago#10
jerrick posted...
If you compare to it to Crackdown 3 yes.

You seem like a guy that will purchase days gone on the PS4 just so you can get the free affliction shirt and nickelback cd.
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