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  3. What are some games you'd like to see become BC that haven't been added yet?

User Info: ab2c4

1 month ago#51
Project Gotham Racing 3 and 4.

User Info: Eli99999

1 month ago#52
bigeviltakerNkane posted...

scareface the world is yours

Oh good call, I loved this game on PS2. Best gta clone, amazing soundtrack.
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User Info: FireDrakeZ

1 month ago#53
Xbox 360

Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena
Bourne Conspiracy
Quantum of Solace
Bloodstone 007
LOTR Battle for Middle Earth 2
Too Human
Devil May Cry HD collection
Ghost Recon 2 Advanced Warfighter 2
Way of the Samurai 3
Condemned 2 Bloodshot
Prototype 2
Medal of Honor Warfighter

OG Xbox
Splinter Cell
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Rainbow Six 3
Ghost Recon 2
007 Nightfire
Everything or Nothing
From Russia with Love
Medal of Honor European Assault
Medal of Honor Frontline
Call of Duty Finest Hour
Call of Duty Big Red One
Star Wars Clone Wars
Chronicles of Narnia

User Info: LordGeo

1 month ago#54
Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury
Culdcept Saga
Guilty Gear 2: Overture
Spectral Force 3: Innocent Rage

(These two are Japan-only releases, but region exclusives have been made BC before, so I'll include them)
Super Robot Wars XO
Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force

OG Xbox:
Too many to count
Boomerang Hook! Galactica... Magnum!
Hurricane! Bolt! Jet Upper! Special Rolling Thunder!

User Info: nems1015

1 month ago#55
Any of the Unreal games from 360.

Not sure if Quake 4 is BC but if not, it needs to be.

I'll forget all of that if we can get a port of Quake Champions which is a PC exclusive title.

Felt like ID dropped the ball on that one
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User Info: bossk5

1 month ago#56
Tenchu Z
Darkstar One
Way of the samurai 3

Seriously, if I could have these I'd be content.
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User Info: CrazyJake816

1 month ago#57
DonVito1990 posted...
Mortal Kombat 9
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User Info: Illicit56

1 month ago#58
The main game I wanted BC was fight night champion, now that it was added I can’t think of any other titles. Just hoping there will be a break from ufc and we get a new fight night.

Also a new college hoops by 2k

Another game I would to see redone properly would be the Bouncer on ps2. Hopefully there would be an overhaul done by new developers. Like rocksteady or team ninja someone that is well known for an added depth to the fast pace combat
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User Info: 2Rags

1 month ago#59
Muthatruckin Max Payne 3. I have a feeling it won't happen.

i imagine it running smoother on the one s than original 360 although it seemed quite smooth anyway.
27 years later and still waiting for an arcade perfect port of Mortal Kombat.
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