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  3. What are some games you'd like to see become BC that haven't been added yet?

User Info: Eli99999

1 month ago#1
Some of the games I'd love to see make their way over to the One.

Max Payne 3
The Saboteur
Some of the 007 games

Lego Lord of the Rings
Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

These last 2 are probably never going to happen since they've been de-listed for some reason, you can't buy them digitally anymore.
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User Info: da_StoOge

1 month ago#2
Binary Domain
Space Marine
SEGA Collection
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User Info: DonVito1990

1 month ago#3
Mortal Kombat 9
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User Info: NuclearHendrix

1 month ago#4
Panzer General: Allied Assault
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1 month ago#5
this topic yet AGAIN

James Bond games
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User Info: sillyrascal

1 month ago#6
Max Paybe 1 and 2
Ninja Gaiden 2
Ninja Blade
PgR 3 and 4
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User Info: Coffeeguy44

1 month ago#7
NCAA football (any)
MLB 2K baseball (any)
Soul Calibur 4 and 5
Borderlands Pre Sequel
Ninja Gaiden games
Resident Evil 5 and 6
Devil May Cry 1 thru 4

I realize Capcom games won't happen since remastered. Sports games will never happen either but only reason I use my 360 anymore since they don't make those games anymore.
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User Info: link0316

1 month ago#8
The Simpsons Game.
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User Info: Zacmaccraken

1 month ago#9
Pgr 3
Pgr 4
Max Payne 3
Mk 9
Splatter house
Binary domain
Lotr war in the north
Trials evolution
NFS shift 2

User Info: agentspoon

1 month ago#10
The Saboteur and Alpha Protocol.
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