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  3. Will Xbox Live support for the Xbox 360 ever die?

User Info: TheWorstPoster

1 month ago#1
Especially since with Backwards Compatibility being one of the main focuses on Xbox One, and older games that are heavily DLC reliant even in single player (Mass Effect for instance) and multiplayer games with a massive population even to this day (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2), would Xbox Live for the Xbox 360 ever get shut down?

Xbox Live for the Original Xbox got shuttered due to it being outdated (and one of the main reasons why Microsoft made Halo: The Master Chief Collection, to those to play Halo 2 online again as well as official online multiplayer for the Xbox version of Halo 1, which is why those games will likely never be made backwards compatible), and I don't see any attempt by Microsoft to force emulation of the first Xbox Live service on Xbox One (albeit, with changed coding to comply with modern day standards), so that leaves me wondering what the hell Microsoft will do with the Xbox 360 in the coming years.

DLC and patches are still a part of Xbox Live. Multiplayer is something else too. But would Microsoft shut down the Xbox 360 Live service and put most of its games in an offline limbo? Or would they keep an aging service just for the sake of compatibility with older titles?

User Info: sillyrascal

1 month ago#2
I kinda doubt it.

I believe Microsoft sees Xboxs legacy library as an asset. One neither Nintendo or Sony can easily replicate.

When you want to be the netflix of games and you have 500 games you can't get elsewhere...well its like Netflix having exclusive access to 80s movies. It might not be current, but those are damn good movies.

And as long as those games are being played, their online should be supported.

With Microsoft looking to stream 4k games to billions of users, keeping servers up for 360 games is almost a macrocosm of bandwidth by comparison.
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User Info: chip1289

1 month ago#3
It died October 14th 2016. Did u miss the funeral?
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User Info: crynryan

1 month ago#4
The 360's portion of Live is probably running alongside and uses parts of the One's portion of Live, thus things are probably really efficient and they reuse as much as possible. Live on the OG Xbox though, was probably very different and cost too much to keep running alongside the other networks.
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User Info: Arizona_Joe

1 month ago#5
Given how important BC is right now to them they're not gonna touch it. It'll stay on as long as it's popular. It'll die when they notice a drastic decline in activity and sales of older titles. Once the market says they don't care that's when Microsoft won't either.

User Info: trevor400

1 month ago#6
i bought MW2 for xbox one.. and i cant find any TDM

User Info: JJJ1982

1 month ago#7
W@W has "Connection interrupted" issues for the past several weeks. I don't anticipate a fix from Treyarch, but I can find games.
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