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  3. Would you pay to have a 360 BC game enhanced?

User Info: Arizona_Joe

1 month ago#11
I know it's a dirty word around here but I'd love it if they did a Remaster of Mass Effect Trilogy. Full 4k, 60fps, hdr support and some quality of life improvements like inventory in ME1 or not needing to spend points to unlock tier 2 powers in ME2. Also New Game Plus for ME2 keeps your squads powers unlocked so you can use them early game.

User Info: lightfighter

1 month ago#12
Yes I would pay.

User Info: AshleyGreene74

1 month ago#13
I'd pay a few bucks to have GTA 4 enhanced, because that game makes my damn eyes bleed.
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

1 month ago#14
I would Pay for them to remaster Rainbow Six 3

Don't change the gameplay, just reskin the whole game.
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User Info: The-Apostle

1 month ago#15
Only if it's a remaster with new achievements. If not, it sets a bad precedent.
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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

1 month ago#16

User Info: sethx87

1 month ago#17
FlyEaglesFly24 posted...
No.....that would be a waste of money.

And someone shut this topic down before developers start actually doing this.

How much money would they be able to earn with this strategy? Every Xbox 360 game goes BC, and you can either buy it for $20 if you don’t already have it or $10 if you do? There are people out there that will spend hundreds of dollars doing this for no reason.


User Info: BabaBzaa

1 month ago#18
Certain ones, hell yes. Rumble Roses XX, DOA Xtreme 2(OK, so I'm kinda a perv), Fight Night, Anarchy Reigns, Backbreaker Football
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User Info: GamecubeIchiban

1 month ago#19
Yeah, sure. Not that it'll happen, however.
My guess is that we'll get 5 or less additional enhanced for X 360 games between now and the end of the gen, however. Tis a shame.
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