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  3. Are Xbox owners thinking of getting a gaming pc next generation?

User Info: Iscratchmyballs

2 months ago#1
Are Xbox owners thinking of getting a gaming pc next generation? - Results (222 votes)
No, I will always get an Xbox.
67.57% (150 votes)
Yes, I'm thinking of getting a gaming pc.
24.77% (55 votes)
7.66% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Since all of Xbox games are available on PC next generation, why not get a gaming PC? I doubt the next generation Xbox will be more powerful than a gaming pc.

User Info: n00bsaib0t

2 months ago#2
PC has limited physical media, no backward compatibility with your Xbox One, 360, or OG libraries, and is awful as a multimedia box. Some of you kids need to learn to accept that not everyone wants to game on PC.
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User Info: SupaflyGibson

2 months ago#3
I built one a couple years ago and it's the reason I haven't bought an X. I just wish MCC was available for it...
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User Info: QueenTakhisis

2 months ago#4
I used to prefer PCs over consoles, but it's been the opposite the last couple of years. Right now I only have three games on my PC, and don't even play any of them. So nah, I'm pretty much done with PCs for gaming.
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User Info: BURGERgio

2 months ago#5
After landing a new job, I definitely want to build a PC now. Can probably have enough for one in about a month now. My friend recently built one and wow did Doom look amazing on it.

User Info: AWarAmp84

2 months ago#6
Already have one. My decision will come down to what the new consoles have to offer and the price.
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User Info: adonfraz

2 months ago#7
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User Info: sillyrascal

2 months ago#8
Dont be daft.
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User Info: bojangles22

2 months ago#9
I'll buy a mad box, a ps5 and the Xbox two.
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User Info: Battleship_Gray

2 months ago#10
I have one this generation.
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