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  3. Is Dark Souls 3 still active?
grampamurked 3 years ago#1
Finished the remaster awhile back and it was pretty dead.
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Dfy556 3 years ago#2
It was close to dead a year after release, so I wouldn't expect much
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LaLiLuLeLoSnake 3 years ago#4
I stopped playing 2 months ago. It was still pretty active.
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IronLung 3 years ago#5
I make a new character every few months and constantly get invaded or invade. It usually busy.
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DXLR8R 3 years ago#6
I still need to start the copy that I won, but before that, I need to start DS1 which I got from Games with Gold.

I don't care about the online feature in Dark Souls so it won't matter to me if there are people still online or not.
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Blorfenburger 3 years ago#7
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AltiarLio 3 years ago#8
It’s still crazy active with a pretty big community that’s dedicated. Recent sales have also brought heaps of new players to the game.

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