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User Info: Cnoggl01

4 months ago#1
Prima is shutting down, no more guidebooks. While I didn’t use them a lot for actual walkthroughs, some of them have made nice collector’s items.

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User Info: Jiggy101011

4 months ago#2
When i first read this i was actually shocked that they were still going. The last Prima Guide I bought was Majoras Mask for the N64.
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User Info: Hucast9

4 months ago#3
That sucks. I have a collection of guides for Final Fantasy games. Whenever a Final Fantasy game came out I would always buy either the Prima or Bradygames guide. I have the hard cover book for FFXIII and FFXIII-2. All the guides have beautiful artwork in them.

User Info: DirkMcGurkin

4 months ago#4
I might have to pick up their RDR 2 guide as my very last prima guide.
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User Info: ExempliGratia

4 months ago#5
Last time I used them was for their UMVC3 book. Which now that I think about it... I f***ing lost when I moved.

Con flabbit I lost a ton of crap and didn't notice until a year later.

R.I.P prima
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User Info: H_H_J_J

4 months ago#6
Well, that's expected. The most surprising thing is they lasted as long as they did.

I mean, paper-based media isn't exactly booming and they stayed with it far too long before investing in digital at all and still had far too much of their company focused on paper. And even at their height their guides often missed a lot of things, and were frequently inaccurate. And of course with a lot of games now getting additional content post- launch, and physical guides being unsurprisingly static... not good. And even after they started offering guides, well, you can't exactly compete with YouTube and GameFaqs and everyone else giving it away for free, and doing so more accurately and completely.

They were just... bad. A dinosaur still strangely roaming the Earth, waiting to die and head off into extinction.

User Info: Agent_Stroud

4 months ago#7
*pours out a bottle of [insert name of beverage here] in remembrance of PrimaGames* 😭
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User Info: vashkey

4 months ago#8
I'm surprised game guide books have lasted this long. Since the internet saw widespread adoption you could easily find guides made by players for free and easy. And most games are pretty straight forward as it is
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User Info: rhklce

4 months ago#10
I didn’t even know they were still around. I hope they are able to find a way to continue doing what they love.
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