Is Far Cry 5 worth it for $30?

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Or should I wait for the inevitable complete edition?

I saw mixed reactions at release and not sure how it compares to FC3 and 4 which I loved. Would I be missing out on anything good DLC wise? The other games never had good DLC.
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User Info: RyWx

1 week ago#2
I bought it a month ago and after about 2 hours (and several glitches) I put it down and haven't picked it back up since. I too loved FC3/4 (and Primal) but nothing here was pulling me in. I'd say wait, black Friday is around the corner and Ubi games always go cheap.
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User Info: Snowtrpr

1 week ago#3
Yes, it's great. Vietnam DLC is good too and then the Mars and Zombie DLC are garbage.

User Info: Zweihanda

1 week ago#4
Wait for a complete edition.
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User Info: Sila98

1 week ago#5
Zweihanda posted...
Wait for a complete edition.

lol no
The dlc isn’t worth it

User Info: ill-thoughts

1 week ago#6
GOTY 2018, buy it now.
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User Info: kingvortex

1 week ago#7
ill-thoughts posted...
GOTY 2018

To answer the question: It's a good game, but not even the best Far Cry game. Unless you're desperate to play it, wait for Black Friday. I bought the gold edition because I got it cheap on release and the DLC is disappointing. Only the free Far Cry 3 classic made it worthwhile.
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User Info: link0316

1 week ago#8
I would wait until black Friday honestly.
RE4 is one of the greatest games ever made.

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

1 week ago#9
For the upteenth time......worth what?
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Far cry 5 is only second to Far Cry 3 as beat in the series. The rural Montana setting is done very well and serves as a perfect backdrop for the story it tells. The only fault I found in the game was the ai was too easy and a lot of the side missions are copy pasted.
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