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  3. What are your opinions on Microsoft as a whole, including their history?

User Info: Taizuku

4 months ago#1
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User Info: goldbman

4 months ago#2
They are a good company to be in the business and a vital part of the current gaming market. They present the consumer with a wide array of pricing options and are the most consumer friendly. I give them an A+, Sony an A and Nintendo an A-.

User Info: MrAsh505

4 months ago#3
Good history but poor management, considering they tried to pull the One into multiple directions and ended up ditching a good 70% of the features it launched with, on top of the exclusives problem not being addressed until the final stretch of the gen I think they f***ed up big time.

At least they understand this. Come next gen I think MS will handle things a lot better. I think.

Either way they have a lot to work with and Phil is the best person to really get s*** together.
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User Info: FatBamboo

4 months ago#4
good company, great customer service, you get Xbox rewards through bing, plays all my current games 360 games and og Xbox games, has great subscription services all around I'm pleased with their product and everything that comes with it.
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User Info: DarkReign2022

4 months ago#5
I think they're a major corporation like any other. They do some things that are great for the fans and they do some things that are great for their profit margin. Those 2 sides don't always mesh. In terms of their gaming division, MS has the unfortunate position of being the one that gets scrutinized and bullied for every little thing it does wrong while the things it does right go largely unnoticed or unaccredited. Sometimes the thing they do right is revolutionary to the industry (Mainstream online gaming, Proper utilization of Dual Analogs to make FPS gaming on consoles more common practice) and sometimes what they do right is simply reactionary to a screw-up they made earlier on (a lot of their initial plans for the Xbox One when it debuted that were reversed or significantly altered/improved later on.)

Ultimately the goal is to make money as they are a business and they have paychecks to sign and bills to pay, but in terms of what they offer, Microsoft brings a lot to the table with their open-minded approach. They will alter their plans if they see something isn't up to standard rather than taking a hardline stance against consumers, they will support programs that don't necessarily bring much profit in exchange for a more supportive fanbase (like backwards compatibility and cross-play support with other platforms), and they are always experimenting with different software and hardware to find the latest and greatest tools (such as the Adaptive controller that allows players with disabilities to be able to play more easily.)

The only thing I think Microsoft is lacking on in their gaming division is 1st-party support and I like to think the purchasing and forming of multiple studios is the beginning of rectifying that weakness. Outside of their gaming division, it's really hard to support some of their projects as they almost always have the superior product, but they never get enough support to become something more (specifically, I think the Zune and WIndows Mobile devices were excellent products that could've been even better had they taken off properly.)

The biggest thing I would suggest MS work on is their complacency. I saw it happen with the 360 and the One. They took the top spot with 360 and become the best console in the world and shortly after that, we saw the software lineup weaken, the risk taking lessen, and the gimmicky attempts to capitalize on certain markets took a rise. While I don't have anything against trying to implement things like Kinect into the Xbox family, ditching support of mainstream core audience titles in favor of it is a terrible idea. They got comfortable and they've been trying to play catchup with the Xbox One ever since. Interestingly, Sony did the same thing with the launch of the PS3 and is falling into the same pitfall now with the PS4, so the next-gen consoles could see an upset in the balance of power again.

User Info: Reflex-Arc

4 months ago#6
They make some products that I buy and some that I just use. That's about the long and short of it.
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User Info: Zombody2

4 months ago#7
Easily the most pro consumer company right now in the console industry. They fumbled horribly at launch but have since dramatically turned things around. Just wish the media and internet hive mind would catch up with the times and stop living in the initial e3 reveal.
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User Info: SoFresh

4 months ago#8
As a whole considering their history? With that wide a scope I wouldn't even know where to begin. Video games are a drop in the bucket and not even worth mentioning. Started out small a long ass time ago and outcompeted Macintosh for the home computer, then built one of the largest corporations in mankind's history.

User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 months ago#9
Reflex-Arc posted...
They make some products that I buy and some that I just use. That's about the long and short of it.


I occasionally get annoyed by MS trying to strongarm you into using their applications on PC, but whatever.
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User Info: holden4ever

4 months ago#10
Only thing I don't like is their insistence that games as a service is the future and how they keep forcing devs to incorporate it. Forza has already suffered from this and if it's not stopped it will infect even more games.
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