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User Info: Squitchy

5 months ago#1

They gave it an 8.9 Great
May we meet again.

User Info: GTAcrazy

5 months ago#2
"Sanhok. It’s a jungle environment full of lush greenery and tropical cabins that’s precisely half the size of the other two maps."

It's one quarter the size.
GamerTag: Major Sousa

User Info: redline65

5 months ago#3
Not deserving of that score. No matchmaking makes it totally newb unfriendly. Wonky controls. Poor performance on the X1 (that used to be good until a recent update). Horrible drop rates on loot boxes. Buildings and loot often aren’t rendered when you hit the ground unless you have an SSD.

Game could be good but still needs a LOT of work. I think Blackout is going to kill it before it has a chance to improve though.

User Info: archibald3

5 months ago#4
Wow didn't think it would get an 8.9.

User Info: marcx666

5 months ago#5
So it got 8.9 and Spiderman got 8.7, I feel that somewhere quincy is working out how to turn this into a positive for Sony.....
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