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  3. Anybody else having issues signing into xbox live?

User Info: Bumbleoni

3 years ago#11
It's working here in Oregon

User Info: INKU48

3 years ago#12
Can't sign in up in Quebec, Canada either. I rarely play online but I was gonna play For Honor tonight which requires a connection. Sucks.

User Info: Highsteppa79

3 years ago#13
San Antonio TX here, same error can’t sign in.
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User Info: MrKapowski

3 years ago#14
known issue, xbox support tweeted they're working on it
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User Info: MabusIncarnate

3 years ago#15
Working fine for me, i'm in Tennessee. I just logged in to check.
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User Info: roseybjb

3 years ago#16
I am having issues in Canada, my nephew was blaming himself cause aunties xbox would not sign her in I had to tell him it was not him it was something to do with xbox

User Info: TexasGuard09

3 years ago#17
Been having issues for most of day here in College Station,TX. Seems like now whatever is going on went down totally. Good to know they are aware.

User Info: D_FENS3

3 years ago#18
Signed in fine before the new update on my One X. Then downloaded the new console update and getting error code 0x800488FC. Gonna try my regular One to see if it works.

Edit: Neither Xbox can sign into Live. New console update or previous. Zero friends online on the Xbox app. OUTAGE ALERT !!!
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User Info: MadMeatSweats

3 years ago#19
Not working over here in Napa, CA.

User Info: ZDT_Leader

3 years ago#20
So, This is a widespread issue. I mean this is hurting me bad. I don't get all day to just play and I can't log in.

I just turned my Xbox one X on about having it off for about 10 minutes and it's.. updating. Has that happened to anyone else?
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  3. Anybody else having issues signing into xbox live?
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