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User Info: The_Hedon

8 months ago#51
MRL3G3ND posted...
I don't get it
I'm confused
Has rocket League LEFT Game pass?
Because its no longer available for "free", people went and purchased it?

I'm under the impression that it is still available under gamepass..why would people purchase it?..in droves?

I don't trust MS news, they've been caught lying and double speaking damn near this whole generation

You get 20% off when you buy it under gamepass.
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User Info: G_U_G

8 months ago#52
I wish they would say a little more. I know that they have had other games instantly go to the top when they hit gp. And they can be games that are not all that popular like RL is with some. It is almost like they pay those on gp some money and all the users count for that. GP users are already getting to play the game. Would be a little crazy to buy GP only to purchase every game you could play on it that you want. Unless you plan to do away with GP. I know that some do that. Sign up for a month, buy the games they want at a discount, and then leave. I did that with EA access. 1 month and used the discount to save more than I paid. Just played the few games I did not want to just buy on my month.

GP can be nice. I have over a years worth. Not sure I am buying RL or any other game at this time considering I can play them. But on a one month I could see the buy.

User Info: ColorBlindGamer

8 months ago#53
Why is GamePass beyond head and shoulders better as evidence shows than PSNow?
Nothing comes out as you plan it out to be.

User Info: The-Apostle

8 months ago#54
HarryWarden posted...
Rocket League seems very limited from what I’ve played via GamePass. Seems like it would get boring rather quickly.

Even I like it, and I thought I wouldn't. It's a great game.
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User Info: ColorBlindGamer

8 months ago#55
More proof Microsoft and the Xbox do not need cross play to have massive online community for their games. It's just incredibly anti consumer NOT to have it available with other consoles.
Nothing comes out as you plan it out to be.

User Info: SonyPonyTony

8 months ago#56
RyWx posted...
SonyPonyTony posted...
Rings posted...
Mariobhai007 posted...
Net Shark posted...
It also was on sale for $10 when it went on GP so that helped. $10 is steal for that game. Tons of fun.

This, it’s the price cut that boosted the sales not being on gamepass. “Gamepass helps sales” makes absolutely no sense.

Are you this desperate to downplay the Xbox?

Why does it bother you so much that people are enjoying something that you don’t enjoy?

MS really did a number on these guys since E3. I think seeing sony get their asses kicked put them in desperation mode during an already awful year.

How does a 100% multiplatform conference "beat" one that gets nearly 90% of those multiplat titles (including some they called "exclusive") as well as true exclusives? You guys are extremely confused on what a good conference is.
It's like you don't realize PS4 is getting all the same games or something. Why would you want to show off 3rd party titles? Regardless, Sony fans enjoyed seeing MS' conference too so they can see what else to get for their PS4.

On topic, Hedon it's glad to see you swallow anything MS gives you and accept it as fact regardless of the reality surrounding it, but too many people believe in hard facts and no one is convinced. If any report comes directly from MS, it lacks critical data to support the claim and from that fact alone, it's false. Their own counter to a BC study was to literally put their fingers in their ears and yell "la la la" because they couldn't back it up.

MS has been making false reports for a few years now due to their frequent missteps, and the lies are starting to catch up with them. I wouldn't be surprised if they consider every gamepass subscriber a "sale" and by that notion alone every game that user downloads also becomes a "sale". They've already lied about so much, why not that too since no one else can see the actual data?

Nothing but sheep praising the wolf here...

You're happy to be getting inferior versions of multiplats Xbox is getting? I suppose if you have extremely low standards you might be happy. For those who have premium consoles and spent premium money to get them, we're not so happy with the lackluster Sony conference. Not everyone can be refined I suppose. (shrugs)
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User Info: huerito323

8 months ago#57
Gamepass made me buy Vermintide 2. What a great game that is!

My Gamepass expires today. Next time they add a game I'm interested in, I'll spend the $10, try it, and buy it if I really like it just before the month ends. It's such an awesome feature.
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