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User Info: flame030191

8 months ago#1

Tbh I don’t think that it should. As they pointed out, Sony knew cost would play a major factor in the 4K race, and people would be okay with special techniques to simulate 4K if it costs them less. They also pointed out that Microsoft promised true 4K, and has delivered in many titles, but even with their extra cost and horsepower, special techniques similar to what PS4 Pro utilizes are apparent in a very large number of games.

Considering they’re both comparable to fairly new PC hardware and they’ve both confirmed the next generation isn’t far off, I feel it leaves reason to believe there may not be much room for improvement in cost/performance from these enhanced consoles. An overly expensive console wouldn’t do well, as with the $600 launch PS3, so I feel if they can target 60fps at 1080p more often and allow up to 4K rendering if developers choose to utilize it, we should see a bigger bang for our buck next gen tbh.
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User Info: RetroGamerX

8 months ago#2
Couldnt be bothered to watch the video or read through your wall off waffle so ill base my reply off the topic title...

Ms wont lose out this next gen on power. The console hardware will comfortably run 4K native, 60fps. Quote me when the nextbox releases.
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User Info: n00bsaib0t

8 months ago#3
This isn’t how it works. The possible resolutions (and frame rates) will vary depending on what the developer pushes. There are sub-720p PS3, 360, and WiiU games, there are also 1080p games on those systems. There are sub-1080p games on PS4 and people claim it’s a 1080p system. They can make a system targeting 8k 120 FPS and someone will push the hardware to the point that it runs the game at 4K 60 FPS.
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User Info: djwagon

8 months ago#4
just give me a game that make me lose track of time and releases stress

welcome to Gamefaqs.were you are 100% completely wrong about everything even before you post on here .so once again welcome to Gamefaqs

User Info: seankimberley42

8 months ago#5
Game development isn’t a buffet, where you can just pick and choose what performance benchmarks and graphics qualities you want with no consequences, it’s a pie, and most gamers have shown they want the majority of that pie focused on graphics and not performance. Don’t target anything, just give the developers as much power as you can at a cost most consumers are willing to pay.
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User Info: sillyrascal

8 months ago#6
The next Xbox is targetting 8k rendering. Phil practically said as much.

User Info: MachineZed

8 months ago#7
Are you suggesting that MS should force developers to make native 4K games for their next system?
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User Info: Manservice

8 months ago#8
I just want a console with a non-s*** cpu. Both ps4 and xbone failed in that department

User Info: GamecubeIchiban

8 months ago#9
60fps is more important to me than naive 4k.
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User Info: trostol

8 months ago#10
next gen should just worry about good new games..not recycled crap from days gone by(do not mean BC btw)
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