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  3. Any games like Jurassic World?

User Info: Fried

7 months ago#1
Just saw the new movie and it was amazing, any games with dinosaurs?

User Info: PJ_Thorn

7 months ago#2
Lego Jurassic World?

User Info: uncledonnie3

7 months ago#3
Well there’s a Jurassic World game that just came out. Aside from that Ark: Survival Evolved is probably your best bet for a dinosaur game.

User Info: Raiden243

7 months ago#4
Monster Hunter World

User Info: PR_Fiasco

7 months ago#5
Jurassic World Evolution came out a little while ago. It's a builder style game, build a park, make dinosaurs, watch dinosaurs eat tourists.

User Info: ShadowElite86

7 months ago#6
Aside from what's already been mentioned, Ark is the only other game I can think of.

We desperately need a Dino Crisis remake. That would fill all of my dino needs. =)
GT: ShadowElite86

User Info: Landonio

7 months ago#7
Amazing lol. Underage user alert.

User Info: AgentLocke

7 months ago#8
JW Evolution is the closest you’ll get to the feel of the movies. It’s lacking in some places but it definitely puts me in the same mood the movies do. The title screen and menu music alone is a nice nostalgia trip.
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