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User Info: Fried

7 months ago#1
What score would you give out of ten? - Results (215 votes)
10.7% (23 votes)
27.91% (60 votes)
34.42% (74 votes)
13.95% (30 votes)
4.65% (10 votes)
2.79% (6 votes)
1.4% (3 votes)
2.33% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
1.86% (4 votes)
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What score would you give Rise of the Tomb Raider? One of the first games to showcase the nice graphics of the current gen.

User Info: Brownstone

7 months ago#2

Good game, but like most story driven games it has mediocre gameplay. It's really good in everything else though.

User Info: da_StoOge

7 months ago#3
It's hard to rate it. I played it first on the One S and PS4 and it plays terribly ok those. On the One X it actually has semi decent controls.

The story is horrible, the characters are some of the worst I've seen in a modern AAA title, and the gameplay gets bogged down by all the mindless fetch quests and collectable crap.

But if you ignore that and avoid backteacking too much it's okay ish on the 1X.

1X = 6/10
PS4/One S = 4/10
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User Info: PJ_Thorn

7 months ago#4
Solid 8 for me. I had a lot of fun with it, but pacing has issues in the more recent series. I feel like i end up wasting a lot of time in the kind of hub areas looking for collectibles.

I kind of think the game would benefit from a little more linear focus and less side-questing.

User Info: kst8er

7 months ago#5
I loved the game, it was one of the best I have played in a while
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User Info: AWarAmp84

7 months ago#6
I enjoyed it a lot. 8/10 for me.
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

7 months ago#7
Narritive heavy cinematically styled 3rd person action/adventure single player campaign games are my absolute favorite types of game to play.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a very solid example of the genre. It didn't necessarily break any new ground or introduce and new concepts to the genre, but what it did do, it did very well. Voice acting, graphics, and production value we're all quite solid. The HDR presentation is showcase-worthy, and the Atmos audio is very immersive. Gameplay is open ended and varied enough to keep an imaginative gamer engaged, and the set pieces are well crafted and fun to explore.

I'd give the game a high 8. I'd call it a 9 if not for some of the technical issues I've come across in my 3 playthroughs, like crackling audio and the odd time getting Lara stuck in the geometry.

A solid game overall.
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User Info: QueenTakhisis

7 months ago#8
Fried posted...
What score would you give Rise of the Tomb Raider? One of the first games to showcase the nice graphics of the current gen.
This, right here, is why I give it a 4/10. And that's being generous. "It looks gorgeous!" Perhaps, but what about the gameplay, story, areas we can explore and all that? And a random third-person shooter, it's not terrible. Not good, but not terrible. So again, a 4/10 sounds about right.

As a Tomb Raider... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha... no. This is Tomb Raider in name only. Easily the second worst in the entire franchise, only beaten by Angel of Darkness. I don't want Uncharted with Lara Croft. I want Tomb Raider. Shadow is pretty much their last chance. Either it's far more classic Tomb Raider than Rise, or the franchise is dead to me.
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

7 months ago#9
one of if not the best Action/adventure title available for the XB1
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User Info: vashkey

7 months ago#10
7/10. It good but pretty homogenous design. Nothing really unique about it. Just very polished
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