Your most played X1 game?

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User Info: DatNguyen59

4 days ago#1
Your most played X1 game?

User Info: Will_Yun_Lee

4 days ago#2
Sunset overdrive

User Info: TrickyPony

4 days ago#3
Probably Destiny
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User Info: RyWx

4 days ago#4
It's between Gears 4 and Sunset Overdrive. Ones at 13 days or so and the other is around 12. I'd check but don't feel like setting the box up.
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User Info: Brownstone

4 days ago#5
Dark Souls 3

User Info: Zombody2

4 days ago#6
Halo Wars 2, followed by Subnautica.

Also, your time played timer counts any time you left the game running in the background. I've made sure to always quit out of games to keep mine accurate so keep that in mind when looking at your time played
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User Info: DigitalFury_

4 days ago#7
Monster Hunter World

User Info: kayoticdreamz

4 days ago#8
TrickyPony posted...
Probably Destiny

If I hadn't switched to PS4 in Destiny before Rise of Iron came out, it would definitely be that. I think GTA Online has it beat, though. According to the social club, I put in 21 Days 15 Hours and 32 Minutes. That's not even counting the 13 and a half days I had on the 360 version either. Plus I haven't played it at all over the last couple of years.
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User Info: ExempliGratia

4 days ago#10
Probably NBA 2K18 or 17. All that my player stuff adds up.
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