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User Info: agentspoon

9 months ago#21
Ah, fair enough.

Its a blast, I had three other players the other night exploring the map in convoy. Two were in The Big Boss using the plough to clear the Zombies upfront, I was in a Vandito in the middle and we had a Road Mangler bringing up the rear for scouting.

Fun fun fun.
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User Info: DigitalFury_

9 months ago#22
thedude008 posted...
VENOMOUS75 posted...
DigitalFury_ posted...
Still no fix for infestations not showing up on the map? Ah well maybe next one

Infestations or plague hearts? Because I've never had trouble finding infestations. I had to survey several areas before I could find the final phon my current map.

i also have that problem. very few will pop up on my map (seems it's places i've already cleared that don't want to show up unless i highlight them *such a PITA going over every house trying to find the source of my moral loss ;-)

Yep, it's super annoying. Not game breaking but cleared buildings don't turn yellow when they're infested. I wouldn't be bothered by it so much if time didn't continue when you're searching the map, it leaves you vulnerable to attack if you're not at base

User Info: XXXRiceWVXXX

9 months ago#23
Hopefully they get rid of the invisible bloaters at some point also.
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User Info: GTAcrazy

9 months ago#24
XXXRiceWVXXX posted...
Hopefully they get rid of the invisible bloaters at some point also.

Happened to me twice yesterday while driving.
Having to halt your trip to get out of the car because of some invisible bloater is no fun.
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User Info: ScavengerDan

9 months ago#25
The game desperately needs a story . I have no desire to continue destroying plague hearts.

User Info: Spaced92

9 months ago#26
I played this fairly recently and I was kinda shocked how similar to 1 it was considering that game felt dated as well. The inventory management is the most awkward thing I've dealt with since two gens ago. I bought it without paying attention to any reviews so I went in with an open mind, and shockingly didn't run into too many bugs but it's kinda joyless for me.
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