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User Info: Landonio

9 months ago#11
X had supposedly the first 2.1-compatible (or "Ultra High Speed") cable, which you can by separately now.

Nothing really supports 2.1 yet though.

User Info: djwagon

9 months ago#12
agentspoon posted...
LanternOfAsh posted...

This would’ve been true in 2013. Mad ignorant in 2018.

I stand corrected, looks like I need to read up on HDMI cables.

Shows how long its been since I swapped one out.

hey do not feel bad i had to get a real hdmi cable after my radio shack one failed and i thought it was the ps4pro.i even went as far as getting a new ps4pro swapping out hard drives and trading in the what i thought was bad one .i also got a new hdmi cable along side a external hard drive for the pro

welcome to Gamefaqs.were you are 100% completely wrong about everything even before you post on here .so once again welcome to Gamefaqs

User Info: stevieb1234567

9 months ago#13
agentspoon posted...
All HDMI cables are the same, anyone who says otherwise is liar.

Even the gold plated ones.

Ur right its all marketing bulls*** to make u spend money on there product. Any hdmi will do
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User Info: blacklabelice

9 months ago#15
i have an older cable and to get 4k 60hz with hdr, 4:2:2 chroma and 10 bit color or 1080p 120hz i needed a cable rated for 18gbps. my old ones wouldnt work.

also had to enable enhanced hdmi signal format and full hdmi video range on my display to get it to work.

my other cables are real old and only work up to 1080p 60hz or 4k 30hz. but i ordered some cheap cables rated for 18gbps for amazon and they work just fine on the resolutions, refresh rates, and color settings that i want to run.

for my xbox one x i just use the cable it came with and it works just fine at 4k 60hz with hdr, so no issues there.
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User Info: Orange_Apples

9 months ago#16
There are 2 kinda of HDMI cable and both have a w/Ethernet option. I have no idea what devices actually use the Ethernet option or how it works, so I'm going to pretend it doesn't exist.

HDMI Standard (up to 1080i)
HDMI High Speed (does 4K and all the fancy stuff)

HDMI standard isn't a whole lot cheaper than High Speed so just ignore those unless you have to carry a 720p signal 100' or something. Just get High Speed and you're good.
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