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  3. What's the next as of now unreleased game you're going to buy?

User Info: HarryWarden

7 months ago#1
Vampyr is mine. Looks good and the developer makes interesting games. I’m also considering Agony but the price seems steep for what it appears to offer.

User Info: Bumbleoni

7 months ago#2
Red Dead Redemption 2
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User Info: KID VID

7 months ago#3
I'm still waiting for The Last Night.


I haven't heard any news on it for a while, but I'm anticipating this game so much. It's funny, I find myself having more fun with indie games (Limbo, Inside, Cuphead, 10 Second Ninja, etc.) than I do with big AAA games.
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User Info: Rome218

7 months ago#4
Probably far cry 3 classic.

User Info: fratalien

7 months ago#5
Soul Calibur 6...caught the $45 preorder while it was up.
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User Info: userfrigginame

7 months ago#6
Owlboy on Switch. Heard it's supposed to be aight.

User Info: mike468

7 months ago#7
Soul Calibur 6.
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User Info: InhumaneRaider

7 months ago#8
Blazblue: CTB and Spiderman.
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User Info: RyWx

7 months ago#9
Octopath Traveler
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User Info: Gotham9843

7 months ago#10
Agony, next week.
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  3. What's the next as of now unreleased game you're going to buy?
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