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  3. What's the most cryptic thing you've ever seen in a game?

User Info: Look_A_Username

8 months ago#1
Was it a puzzle that really annoyed you and made you look it up online? Game mechanics that you found out on your own because they were never explained in game? Hidden secrets etc.

I know it'd be cheating to say the entirety of Souls games, but I think covenants specifically are pretty...uninformative. To this day, since playing the first DS in the beginning of 2013, I have no idea what specific covenants do in any of the games.
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User Info: da_StoOge

8 months ago#2
I still can't complete Silent Hill 3 on the hard puzzles setting without a guide.

I thought I was relatively smrt, but I'll never figure out that Shakespeare puzzle in my own, even after replays. Even if I was familiar with all his works.
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User Info: fratalien

8 months ago#3
I remember that it took several years to progress past the first world in Bomberman 64, for me. The game never explains how to make your bombs into the giant mega bombs...which are needed to destroy particular obstacles.

My cousin showed me how and I beat it relatively quick, after that.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

8 months ago#4
I had to give up on The Witness.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

8 months ago#5
I played through a large portion of Dark Souls 3, which was my first Souls game, without knowing that I could jump. Before that, I would just try to roll across small gaps which was a pain in the ass.

User Info: metroidman92

8 months ago#6
The terminals in Halo 3. Or anything related to Halo's ARGs.

Or the reversed dialogue you'd hear in Halo 2.
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User Info: Phlegyas

8 months ago#7
There was a silly thing in Zelda Twilight Princess. Basically, to find your way, you jad to transformed into Wolf-Link and catch the scent of a fish or something. I don't remember the ever being a hint, and I believe it was the only told you had to do that.
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User Info: old_school227

8 months ago#8
I know adventure games are easy targets but this one's always bugged me.

King's Quest(1983)
A gnome asks you to guess his name.
The only hint in the game is a book in an unrelated area of the game that tells you to "think backwards"
You could consider the fact that everything is fairy tale themed a clue if you want to stretch.
If you guess Rumplestiltskin (keep in mind you have to spell it correctly) he tells you that you are close
If you somehow put together the think backwards clue and guess nikstlitselpmur he also tells you that you are on the right track
Turns out you have to reverse the alphabet making the answer Ifnkovhgroghprm

Best part is that it's not required to beat the game (which it's 1983 so you have no way of knowing that) the only difference is you have to climb a beanstalk instead of a staircase, and i think the beanstalk is harder.

User Info: OldDarkElf

8 months ago#9
The Bards Tale game for PC were incredibly difficult, even by today's standards. Back then I had to get some graph paper to map out the dungeons. Besides it's extremely tough combat and dungeoneering, it had some near impossible riddles and puzzles. Man those were some great games.
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User Info: shotgunheadshot

8 months ago#10
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