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User Info: Flamer_Blue

10 months ago#71
Danimus posted...
ShELbY_GT500 posted...
jeffreyk1965 posted...
Spoiled brat? You are an idiot.
I think i am allowed to be a little upset that something i enjoy broke so fast.

Are you a little child? Because an adult would chalk it up to “s*** happens” because from time to time things break. Big deal. You’ve got another working X1X so being upset just shows how spoiled you seem to be. I could almost understand you being frustrated if it was your only working console that broke. But in this case you’re just being a baby.

The s*** happens argument only works to an extent pal! Right now I am completely f*****g livid with the recurring errors I keep getting with my Xbox One and mine is only a f*****g month old. Microsoft wants to me send my Xbox to their repair center in Tennessee so that their people can plug the Xbox One in, do a five minute b.s inspection job, then send my Xbox back two weeks later saying that everything's fine and that there is nothing wrong with my Xbox. Yeah right! I'd get better repair service on my Xbox One from a drunk panhandler.

Uhmm not really.
Microsoft customer service is among the best ever.
When my old Xbox One fat was making a weird fan noise, I call them and let them know about it.
First of all, the actual person helping me was very nice.
Second, they gave me all the instructions on how to ship it.
Third, they followed up on my repair status for weeks.
Fourth, they gave me another follow up call to make sure I got my Xbox One back and it was working fine.
And last but not least, the Xbox One worked fine after that.

Compared to the awful Sony customer support, in which they had me on the phone for an hour trying to send my old ps2 with the dre, and then they sent me back a unit that lasted 3 more months.
No thanks.s
<cite>Metallix87 posted...</cite>
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User Info: jeffreyk1965

10 months ago#72
I got the replacement today. So far so good!

User Info: Hucast9

10 months ago#73
jeffreyk1965 posted...
I got the replacement today. So far so good!

Just remember one thing, marine. Back when I joined the corps, we didn't have any fancy schmancy Xbox One Xs. We had 2 sticks and a rock, and we had to share that rock. Buck up, you're one lucky soldier.

User Info: Pizzatarian

10 months ago#74
jeffreyk1965 posted...
I got the replacement today. So far so good!

Awesome. All the best to you. Hopefully you don't have to go through that again.
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User Info: lazerbluebalt

10 months ago#75
They only charged 15.00 for the exchange?I need to send my scorpio edition in ,the fan is annoyingly load but i am afraid i will not get a scorpio back.
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