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  3. any genres you wish you were better at?

User Info: Danimus

8 months ago#21
Flying games, I can never get used to the weird camera angles and then having to track your target in the air while most of your missiles miss your target. I also don't like the weird(to me at least) top down view that most games use for bombing runs either. I wish there were more arcade fliyng games like Crimson Skies or the flying mission in Halo Reach.

User Info: Imn0tleB0W5ki

8 months ago#22
Fighting games & I'm also starting to learn my reflexes are getting too slow for competitive FPS. Getting old sucks
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User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
8 months ago#23
Strategy games. I love RTSes and SRPGs but I am terrible at them :(
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User Info: Logan99

8 months ago#24
Fighters definitely, I’ve played them since PS1 days (bloody roar, tekken etc) but have never been particularly good!
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User Info: robert_rangersu

8 months ago#25
Racing games, I love cars but I'm crap at racing games.
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User Info: Brownstone

8 months ago#26
Fighting games. I'm really good in Smash, but that's it.

User Info: redditon4chan

8 months ago#27
Obvious answer - fighting games.
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User Info: NavyVet88

8 months ago#28
lightfighter posted...
Fighting games
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User Info: Big_Bawss

8 months ago#29
Definitely fighting games. That's really the only genre I'm bad at that I want to play. I'm not terrible, I can play at an okay-ish level once I'm familiar with the character I'm using. But that is the problem, I find it hard to learn multiple characters. And the prospect of jumping into a totally new fighting game and going straight online is pretty daunting.

With most other genres I can usually get the gist of what I'm doing within a few minutes. Except maybe MOBAs, but I hate those anyway so idc that I'm bad at them lol.

User Info: HighVoltage87

8 months ago#30
Fighting games. I love playing them but suck at it
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