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  3. When/If you lose motivation to play games, how do you get back into it?

User Info: simonbelmont2

9 months ago#11
Take a break, it always works for me.
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User Info: EternalDivide

9 months ago#12
Just take a break. That always works for me. Sometimes just a few days once in a great while I go a couple of weeks without playing something.
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User Info: Halo_Forever

9 months ago#13
You could take a break from gaming or you could try some other genres.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

9 months ago#14
If a game fails to grab me after ten hours of playing it, it most likely never will. And my time is too valuable to waste it on a game I'm just not enjoying. Monster Hunter being the most recent example. I gave it a fair chance to wow me and it failed so I traded it in towards Shadow of War which I've already put about 40 hours into. I'm really liking it.
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

9 months ago#15
I sometimes look through the achievement lists for any games I haven’t played in a while or just don’t feel like playing again. I’ll look up a video on how to unlock certain achievements or better ways to play the game. That usually gets me back in the mood to play.
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User Info: Nodrog77

9 months ago#16
Take a break for awhile.
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User Info: balaysked

9 months ago#17
I'm in the middle of a gaming funk right now. I have a s*** ton of games, but don't feel like playing any of them. But NHL play-offs are right now so that helps quite a bit. Usually I'll just work out more, watch movies/TV, play guitar and write more music. Writing music usually helps cause I use a lot of songs from games to practice and for inspiration. So that usually gets me back into wanting to play a game.

Just gotta get away from it and do other things.

User Info: Wildone789

9 months ago#18
Maybe it's the time of the year. Could have cabin fever. Fishing will always be my first love.
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User Info: huerito323

9 months ago#19
I was feeling that way recently. I just took a break, watched some Netflix shows, and I decided to play something different from I usually like to play. For me, it was horror games. I've always been too big of a pansy to play them, but I decided I was going to play a horror game and complete it. The game was Resident Evil 7,and let me tell you, I loved every moment of it.

It made me want to play the older games, and I ended up beating RE4 as well. I really enjoyed that one too, although it wasn't scary. Now I'm playing the Revelations series, and so far it's pretty good too. RE7 has lead me to a new path in gaming.
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  3. When/If you lose motivation to play games, how do you get back into it?
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