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User Info: SonnerAnarchy

9 months ago#1
I haven't gotten into the Dark Souls, not because it's hard, I just don't like the Medieval Fantasy or should I say, Dark Fantasy.

But the Surge seems alright, it's only 12.50 at the moment, does anyone recommend the game? Care to list of some pros and cons?

User Info: IronLung

9 months ago#2
Yes it's a good game. I reccomend it
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User Info: Discharged19DCS

9 months ago#3
I really liked it. Its not as good as any of fromsofts games, but it is better than lords of the fallen.

For that price, its worth a shot and if you hate it then its no big loss.

User Info: hamchunk

9 months ago#4
Same situation as tc
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User Info: ApexMjolnir

9 months ago#5
I would recommend watching Tyrannicon play it on Youtube.

He is a pretty good indicator if you will enjoy a game or not.

Though, I can tell you, the Barbarian game He played looked a lot more fun with him playing it, than when played it. Honestly the only game I ever got a refund on for Steam because it was so bad.

For me, I have yet to buy Surge, simply because I would rather play Dark Souls 1/2/3 on any given day, than try to play a clone of them, that has similar mechanics, that seem to miss their mark.

If you are a Dark Souls die-hard, looking for a similar game, this might be perfect. Just realize, It is NOT Dark Souls, and a lot of it is REALLY stupid... Almost like a Cartoon writer accidentally left their script at Kinko's, and the story writer for this game, was making copies of MISSING DOG posters, and it got mixed into his stack, and turned it in to his boss.

The boss was like, WOW, an actual script, and didn't even read it, and told everyone to get to work ASAP.

That's about how I see the game.

I will eventually play it, but it won't be any time before Dark Souls 1 Remaster.
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User Info: Crysiania

9 months ago#6
I seem to recall it has a demo.

User Info: Foxx3k

9 months ago#7
It's not Soulsborne good but it's not Lords of the Fallen bad.
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User Info: wildstrike1516

9 months ago#8
Does anyone know if they made changes to the game post launch? I actually enjoyed LOTF a lot, but couldn't get into this game. I rented last July and found it to be way too punishing.
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User Info: da_StoOge

9 months ago#9
As a huge Soulsborne fan I thought The Surge was incredible. It's not as long and doesn't have the same (insane) amount of variety the Souls games do, but it very well might be the greatest western action RPG ever made.

I'm not sure what useful info I give you if you aren't a Souls fan, but know that like that series this game is really challenging. They seem to have embraced the Soulsborne mentality and avoided the temptation to really add much in the way to ease the difficulty.
Unlike the Souls games, however, this does get much easier late game where you can really create some powerful builds.

There's a demo and I suggest you try it. It really long and gives you an idea of how the game plays. Note that it's the first area of the game and as a result the most boring area in the game. Just after the demo section the main game opens up with areas that I constantly backtracked to over the 40 odd hours the campaign lasts, but I rarely ever returned to the first area because there's not much in the way of hidden areas and shortcuts so there's no point revisiting it.


Use the light armours. The heavy armour comes with negative stamina drain that means you get way less attacks from your already short stamina bar. The trade off for marginally higher armour stats is not worth it.

*Attack unarmoured areas and when an enemy is fully armoured don't target a specific location as you deal more damage that way.

*hold "A" when you have enough energy to do a special kill that renders you invincible while the animation plays.

wildstrike1516 posted...
Does anyone know if they made changes to the game post launch? I actually enjoyed LOTF a lot, but couldn't get into this game. I rented last July and found it to be way too punishing.

Apparently they did, but I played it patched on my 1X so I can't g into much detail. Apparently they reworked the stagger mechanics and changed it so you didn't need to block and dodge as frequently.

They also added a free DLC weapons and armour pack and the DLC level, while too expensive, offers much needed location and enemy variety and can be explored and returned to all game. So it really adds a lot to a playthrough. It's basically another (large) area bringing the total to 6 or 7.
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User Info: ChubbierTube

9 months ago#10
I've only cleared the first area and am partly through the second atm, but have found very little variety among npcs. Basically it is just drones and variations of guys in rigs similar to yours. I hope this is not the case for the rest of the game.

The camera is a bit sensitive, but the controls are pretty spot on. There is also a song that loops whenever you are in the medbay - it was cool at first, but now I'm getting tired of hearing it.

A solid 7/10 for me right now and I've definitely gotten my money's worth from the game.
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