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User Info: madrileno23

10 months ago#11
AltiarLio posted...
sub HD to 1080p was mind blowing.
1080p to 1440p was widescreen bliss.
1080p to 4k was mind blowing again, like putting on glasses you always needed but didn't have.
4K to 4K HDR is like the difference between good lenses and tailor made prescription.

For me the difference between SDR and HDR is bigger than the difference from 1080p to 4k, and yes I use glasses....

Sitting 12 ft away from a 65" screen, I can't see a huge diff in the resolutions at that distance.
But, the color and brightness on a top tier HDR display is ridiculous.
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User Info: djwagon

10 months ago#12
SonnerAnarchy posted...
What's the point?

what the point of 60 fps in a game .i play video games i do not care if it has 4k/hdr.60fbs,just as long as it does it job i am fine with that

with that being said i have a 4ktv with hdr and i still play video games

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User Info: Dave_Gahan

10 months ago#13
MomentDEFINED posted...
To run the game at a significantly higher resolution to reduce jaggies and improve image quality.
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User Info: agentspoon

10 months ago#14
If you actually saw it you would know...
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User Info: InhumaneRaider

10 months ago#15
I have a monitor without HDR but it's 4k, LMAO, it's a major difference than regular 1080. Jesus it looks beautiful.
I plan on getting a OLED with HDR, but not anytime soon, I'm happy with 4k for right now.
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User Info: BrownGotti

10 months ago#16

I prefer 1080P with HDR than 4K without HDR.
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