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User Info: aaaaztek84

1 year ago#1
First Sorry for my english

I activated gamepass, thinging about playing this one it's the definitive edition what's the difference is it worth playing (it's free in game pass)

Read thesl original was slow loading baggy flat and backtracking. How is this version.?

Also is the story any good.?I like storydriven games
(just finished also in gamepass metro,decent gameplay but great story)

User Info: MertensCW

1 year ago#2
Story in ReCore is sadly severely lacking and is discovered mostly via discoverable logs, spread throughout the world. In short DO NOT play ReCore for the story.

To me the gameplay was fun enough to keep playing and the challenge rooms for the most part were fun to me.

However there is a lot of backtracking and though fast travel points are relatively well spread out, it would have been preferable to have travel at any point instead and what really irked me was having to go the crawler every time I wanted to change a core bot’s equipment. That was such a nuisance I stopped bothering to do so, until my core bots seemed to lack decent attack power, then i’d Have to filter through and find the best equipment, make it and then equip them.
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User Info: ScavengerDan

1 year ago#3
It's worth playing for a games pass game. Not for the story tho. The definitive edition fixed alot of the bugs and load times.

User Info: Pizzatarian

1 year ago#4
Basically, ReCore was released unfinished.

The standard version was upgraded to the Definitive Edition for everyone.

The Definitive Edition is the whole game; the way it should have launched.

Lots of the bugs were fixed, but there are still some.


In regards to the story, it's fairly simple / straight-forward, but I thought it was still enjoyable for what it was.
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User Info: Lvaneede

1 year ago#5
I bought Recore at launch and liked it. Withe the updates now it should be even better.
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User Info: aaaaztek84

1 year ago#6
Thanks for the feedback guys I think I'll pass it at least for now. No story no game for me
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