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  3. What games are you absolutely shocked haven't been made yet?

User Info: dr_zomberg

10 months ago#31
rapelay F.

in this version, you play as a horny woman preying on pubescent boys.

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User Info: RyWx

10 months ago#32
The rumored co-op, open world, TMNT game made by Rocksteady with similar fighting mechanics to the Arkham series and each turtle having a unique moveset. A dark, gritty tone akin to the comics would help drive its story.

User Info: TheWorId

10 months ago#33
CurrentBigThing posted...
I would say a Silent Hill remake would sell fairly well.

Maybe now it would have. But after Konami s*** the bed with the HD Collection, I don't imagine people will run to buy a Silent Hill remake of any kind. s***tered Memories was kinda s*** too.

User Info: simonbelmont2

10 months ago#34
Estocassassin posted...
Maybe not a huge amount but a sequel of some sorts of The Sabateur

This but also another Mercenaries or Freedom Fighters sequel. Also, no one bothered to make a sequel to Psi-Ops which is strange to me. No Dragon's Dogma sequel either apart from the MMO which isn't available in the west.
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User Info: vashkey

10 months ago#35
Right now its not surprising but if you told me in 2006 that Kingdom Heart III would not be out for at least another 12 years I wouldnt have beleived you.

User Info: simonbelmont2

10 months ago#36
CurrentBigThing posted...
I would say a Silent Hill remake would sell fairly well.

Definitely would, I agree.
And I'll face no shame. Cause tonight's the night I die for our name

User Info: QueenTakhisis

10 months ago#37
superman060 posted...
System Shock 3
Well, good news. Not only is there a remake of System Shock in the works, but Warren Spector himself is leading the development of System Shock 3. So there are actually two System Shock games to look forward to. ;-)

As for games I really want to see and/or find it weird no one has made yet:

1. A proper DC or Marvel-game NOT based on Batman or Spider-man. I mean, think about it. DC has more characters than Batman. Marvel has other characters than Spider-man. So where are these games? Considering how popular that Wonder Woman movie was, where are the Wonder Woman games? Where are the Captain America games? The Iron Man games? I know it can be difficult to give Black Widow her own solo-movie, but considering she's a badass spy and martial artist, surely they could make a Splinter Cell-ish game with her? Deadpool had his own game a long time ago. His first movie was very popular, and now we're getting another one. So where is the next Deadpool game? And don't even get me started on the Arrowverse. Why don't any of them have a game yet? I don't want a Arrowverse game, but any one of those characters could get a game of their own. So why don't any characters other than Batman and Spider-man get their own games?

2. Assassin's Creed Online. Should be a no-brainer, this one. Simply modify the Animus a bit, and you can safely send people back in time to a fictional time. Or to put it in plain English, simply use the memories to create a virtual world. And just like that, we can have hundreds of people reliving memories in dozens of time settings, and it won't matter if anyone screws up a few things here and there. There would have to be a police force or something to make sure no one breaks the law (for immersion, and all that), but even if you nuke London in the 1800s, it won't affect the time line, as it's just a virtual city. But for us gamers, it means an Assassin's Creed where you can visit several cities in different times, and do all the fun things you normally do, except now with other players. Or think about AC: Brotherhood. Now you could have a brotherhood with actual people in it, and do all sorts of MMO-stuff with other people. Even dungeons, raids and all that.

3. Assassin's Creed: The Very Alternate History Rip-off. In lack of a better name. But think about it. AC is fun, but heavily focused in reality (until AC: Origins, anyway.) But why hasn't anyone tried to take the AC-formula and have a lot of fun with it? Great fire in London in 1666? Caused by a dragon. American civil war? Not about freeing the slaves, as much as stopping the zombie apocalypse. Vlad Dracul, aka Dracula? An actual vampire. We have had similar stories before, but why not a game like AC, with supernatural elements like this?

4. Dragonlance. Dungeons & Dragons have been around for a long time, and is very popular even to this day. But where are all my Dragonlance-games? I know there were a few in the 1980s, and I met a few Knights of Solamnia in Baldur's Gate. That's... about it. With such an enormous franchise, it doesn't make sense there are no games based on it.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

10 months ago#38
IIRC the System Shock remake is on hiatus, there's no telling if it will ever get released or not.
And I'll face no shame. Cause tonight's the night I die for our name

User Info: robert_rangersu

10 months ago#39
Reflex-Arc posted...
I'm surprised there was never a multiplayer brawl game based on the Jerry Springer Show.

I'd buy it if it had midgets in it.
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User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

10 months ago#40
Fallout V: The Tom Brady Saga. Don’t worry that’s as far as it goes. There won’t be a 6th.

Super Mario Universe

Assassins Creed Feudal Japan

Let me see what other meaningless labels could I come up with that make it sound like I know what I’m talking about simply by writing a name down,

Oh, oh yeah.

Just take your favorite franchise, think about whatever the number was when it was last released, and just up it by one. That’ll get the conversation going.

And if that fails, just recommend a remake of your favorite game too. Problem solved. There’s a formula to these things.
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