Which consoles do you own?

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User Info: Zweihanda

6 months ago#41
From the magnavox Odyssey to now; handhelds included. Being a collector has its perks.
PSN: Zweihanda
Xbox GT: Holy Empress Switch FC: [CLASSIFIED] Steam: [CLASSIFIED]

User Info: LeftiesRule

6 months ago#42
OG PS4 and OG XB1.
2018/9 games I'm hyped for: Last Of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Detroit Becoming Human, Vampyr, Beyond Good and Evil 2, Death Stranding, Kingdom Hearts 3, and more.

User Info: Lvaneede

6 months ago#43
Out of the current consoles, original Xbox One and Switch
Fact: Nintendo is the best, there is no point denying it.

User Info: RyWx

6 months ago#44
Wii U

Of the current 3, Switch and PS4 are almost never off due to having plenty of games to play, while the X1 is only on once a month or so. All are hooked up though.

User Info: hrj

6 months ago#45
I have all of them.
Use my PS4 and switch daily.
My x is collecting dust atm but e3 will hopefully be good.
PSN/GT - Hennaboy

User Info: autobotdan

6 months ago#46
I own the Playstation 6, Xbox Neo and the Nintendo Switchblade. I'm from the future
"A Lone Warrior must restore honor to his clan...
He seeks Justice for the Fallen...Vengeance is comming June 2008"

User Info: xSublimex

6 months ago#47
Xbox S and Switch. Both get used daily, Xbox more because of ESO and Fortnite mainly. Switch for when I go to bed and fancy a run on Isaac.

Had a ps4 but sold it

User Info: CaIiber345

6 months ago#48
autobotdan posted...
I own the Playstation 6, Xbox Neo and the Nintendo Switchblade. I'm from the future

Does the future still have pizza, boobs, and fleece throw blankets? Teach us.
Dont give up , skeleton!
All gamers should have the option to play all games on their brand of choice. It is long overdue.

User Info: vashkey

6 months ago#49
Xbox One and PS4 for the current gen. Will eventually get a Switch

User Info: desert_santa

6 months ago#50
Solid Sonic posted...
Lot of you seem to have all three.

Cause we love videogames 😍

Maybe a bit too much 😱
It's not about the hardware in your hands, it's the software in your hearts.
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