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User Info: KID VID

9 months ago#1
Sorry for missing February's giveaway. I was about to make one back then, but I noticed that there were a couple of them going on at that time, so I delayed mine and totally forgot to make one. Plus, I've also been busy getting ready for baby #2.

Anyhow, what game would you like to receive? I'll be giving out a game to one lucky winner this Friday. A couple of things:

- No New Accounts Can Participate

- Posting History Must Be Made Public

- Please Acknowledge That You Recieved Game In This Thread

- Due To Gifting Restrictions, This Is Only Open For USA Gamers For Now (sorry).

- Winner Will Be Picked Randomly

Good luck, everybody!
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User Info: da_StoOge

9 months ago#2
I would love Turok 2.
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User Info: D1Tremere

9 months ago#3
Darkest Dungeon for sure!
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User Info: KillErSeveNDan

9 months ago#4
Far Cry 5!
GT: frozensocks

User Info: FireDrakeZ

9 months ago#5
Halo Master Chief Collection please.

User Info: Sila98

9 months ago#6
I would like the Masterchief Collection. Thanks

User Info: smurfsn1p3r

9 months ago#7
Dragonball FighterZ
Any problems with me buying digital, then by all means send me Physical copies of the games you do not want me to own digitally

User Info: Houndour

9 months ago#8
Stranger of sword city.

Thank you again for doing this.

User Info: darkness1018

9 months ago#9
This is very awesome of you. If I win id take Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
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User Info: TsC_PoLiTiKz

9 months ago#10
I would be thrilled with Rivals of Aether!

Once again, very cool of you to do this and all that jazz!
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