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User Info: SirGroovy

1 year ago#121
Lottery Winner! Okay, it was only $150 but still :P

In all seriousness, I am a mechanical engineer but taking a leave from work to stay home with our new baby, who's 1 year old now and I should be back at work but I don't wanna.
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User Info: EliteZephyr

1 year ago#122
I work I'm a Call Centre part time but from June-September I'm a full time waiter.

Currently a student.
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User Info: Lvaneede

1 year ago#123
I have been unemployed for three months now. Before that I worked as a computer technician for 8 years at a small repair shop until it closed down.
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User Info: darknessturbo8

1 year ago#124
I have to say, it was both enlightening and disheartening to read all of the jobs that everyone does.
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User Info: lightfighter

1 year ago#125

User Info: SSJ3Goku222

1 year ago#126
RikashiX posted...
Just a normal night stocker. Hah. 6 years on the job. But my grocery store is really huge in our state. They got great benefits and a great plan where I have "stock" in the company.

I just quit my stocking job been doing that for a combined 5-6 years and I can't do it anymore. It's a dead end "career" and I need to do something else with my life
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User Info: Critic2000

1 year ago#127
I am currently unemployed and waiting for my welfare application to get through.

Currently doing cash work and smoking that kush to keep my mind off of the weak s***.

I love Gamefaws.
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