How would you bring back Saints Row?

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User Info: calinks

7 months ago#1
Lets say you wanted to make a new game that would make a splash, at the very least, be received very positively. What would you do to bring the franchise back?
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User Info: StaticPenguin

7 months ago#2
Just reboot it.

User Info: grampamurked

7 months ago#3
I wouldn't bother. Rockstar has that market cornered. I would focus my efforts elsewhere.
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User Info: Nazanir

7 months ago#4
I wouldn't.

Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

SR2 was fantastic, 3 was a step back (still fun) and 4 was actually DLC to SR3, but was pushed as a full fledged game that kind destroyed most of the base game in favour of the whackiness that is SR.

Even the dev doesn't know what SR is anymore. Better to shift your efforts to a different game, pretty sure that only a few people are truly interested in a SR game now. It would take too much effort to get the people back after 3 and 4.
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User Info: Eyekon313

7 months ago#5
SR 3 and 4 were my favorites they finally accepted they are a GTA clone and went their own direction.

User Info: BahamutBBob

7 months ago#6
StaticPenguin posted...
Just reboot it.

This. Saints Row 3 gameplay, Saints Row 2 feeling everything else. IMO, SR2 was the best one in the series, but would be better if they went for that atmosphere with the improved gameplay from SR3/4. I enjoyed SR3 and 4 quite a bit (not so much 1, that game was rough) but not as much as SR2.
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User Info: TheCyborgNinja

7 months ago#7
StaticPenguin posted...
Just reboot it.

This. Make it funny, but something wholly new outside of the themes, map (conquering), and wealth of side-content. Agents of Mayhem wasn't a bad game, but it needed co-op. Without that, it was way too generic.
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User Info: cory1225

7 months ago#8
Reboot it to the style of 1 + 2
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User Info: metroidman92

7 months ago#9
Eyekon313 posted...
SR 3 and 4 were my favorites they finally accepted they are a GTA clone and went their own direction.

2 was better than any GTA I've played.
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User Info: simonbelmont2

7 months ago#10
I'd make a Saints game where the Saints were the cops chasing the gangs. I'd also go back to Stillwater as it was a more interesting city. A reboot could probably work or an alternate reality plot.
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