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User Info: Fried

11 months ago#1
Which games where you swim under water for like 90% of the game? Bioshock doesn't count because you can't even swim.

User Info: DarkReign2022

11 months ago#2
Games where you actively swim the entire time? That's pretty much boiled down to Sea of Thieves, Subnautica, and ABZU. There's also an impressively fleshed out underwater environment in GTAV, though that's certainly not going to be 90% of your time in that game unless you suck at using the sub and are trying to get all of the collectibles.

User Info: Zombody2

11 months ago#3
Subnautica, Abzu, aquatic adventures of last human (though youre in submarine) Then there are games like Narcosis and soma, but they’re closer to Bioshock.

If you have a ps2 look for ecco the dolphin defender of the future or the old school sega eccos.

Subnautica is the best water game created since ecco the dolphin in my opinion. Theres a trial too, check it out

User Info: GordoCambo

11 months ago#4
What Zombody2 said. Plus Abzu is an absolutely beautiful game. I first played it on the PS4 and am thinking of playing it again on Xbox1. It is a tad short but it is an easy 100% gamer score. I'd keep an eye out for when it goes on sale.
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