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User Info: Xoned

10 months ago#21
Hypothetically speaking, I would probably save a lot of money if games went cheaper digitally, and there was no services I could pay for to get 10 bucks or more off, basically, as I stated before, the market of convenience has little to no real competition, as thus prices are a lot less likely to go down from that point, this would inspire me to buy much less, to give games even less of a shot I normally would.

Hypothetically speaking in the situation we are in now, it would not make much of a difference, because I can pay for a service, and save the same amount, and actually come up with some change by going physical. So yes I would still go with physical.

User Info: Mystical_Itachi

10 months ago#22
Physical. Because I like having an actual copy of the game, plus I can resell someday.

Sometimes certain games become super rare and their value skyrocket too. ;)

User Info: ClassicMan

10 months ago#23
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User Info: fizzle2222

10 months ago#24
RockguyKev posted...
Changing disks is dumb.

this, i like the convenience of just having to switch to a game in seconds than minutes

User Info: thedude008

10 months ago#25
i'll spend $10 more if the game is massive.
slow internet ;-)
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User Info: krazykiwikid

10 months ago#26
DirkMcGurkin posted...
krazykiwikid posted...
Uhhhh.... wouldn't you have to be an idiot to buy the digital version? I don't know what this thread is getting at.

Why would you be an idiot for buying the cheaper version? Maybe you read it the other way around. Although I would pay for the digital if it was $10 more as long as it's a game I know I'd like and has replay value.

Uhhh... yeah I actually f***ed up there and was supposed to say "physical". Hey it was late.... >.>
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