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User Info: Mindbend8er

10 months ago#1
up in price. it might not be next gen quite yet but gen after that will go all digital maybe even next gen and once it goes to all digital games your old physical games will go up in value so hold onto them I say.

sure there will be those games in digital format for cheap but to have a physical copy of a game will become a rare thing over time.
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User Info: Overburdened

10 months ago#2
They sure will. Especially Physical Game of the Year editions. Discontinued games etc.

Ive got a few discontinued Lego Technic sets that are slowly going up in price. Good to see.

User Info: RikashiX

10 months ago#3
Yeah ive been collecting some 3ds games. I have a old copy of mighty no9 on x1 even though people hate it there will be a want for a s***ty game in physical.
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User Info: KakkaKarrotKake

10 months ago#4
It's based on demand. There are legions of rare games that are inexpensive because nobody wants them. And look at something as old as the Atari 2600 where you can get the vast majority of it's library for like a $1 each.

I honestly don't think many Xbox One games will command a decent value. PS4 games maybe, but that has more to do with collector's wanting the limited runs of those indie games. The thing is, you pretty much need to be online for these games because of updates or just how the game was designed. When the Live servers are dead, stuff like PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege and to a lesser extent, Call of Duty (the single player campaign) are going to be worthless so why even bother with a disc? It will literally just be a piece of plastic you can barely use.

Also, the glut of re-releases cools down demand of older titles.

User Info: Xoned

10 months ago#5
The thing is, physical has become a collectors market for the most part, on the XBOX I do not see many games that would require a huge amount of money to get, on Nintendo systems, and Sony maybe, that does not mean that there are not collectors, and a market for them on the XBOX, there are some games on the OG Xbox that demands a huge price, and there are some on the 360 that demand decent, to really high prices as well, it's just that it is less likely that a XBOX title will go up, because most collectors go for one of the other systems, and XBOX does not have the kinds of games that a lot of collectors actually collect. (JRPG's are more or less what they go for, and maybe something like Culdcept, or EDF, on occasions Dynasty Warriors, and titles like Mario etc.) Other systems get way more of these kind of games.

User Info: geodANGER

10 months ago#6
over 90 percent will be worthless I bet.
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User Info: Susumurin

10 months ago#7
Physical is definitely becoming a collector’s market more than a player’s market. In the past, physical was the only way to play unless you had a strong computer. Now, you can walk into Office Depot and buy a computer that can emulate PS2 games. More and more games are remastered or released as part of compilations. Really old systems have licensed plug and play consoles.

So now, games going up in value is a pure guessing game on what’s going to be rare and hard to find 20 years from now for people who just really want a complete physical collection to display like a museum. People who just want to play have far too many options than to deal with the secondhand market beyond common games. Needing to have a phsycal copy of an old game isn’t a common mindset among players anymore.
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User Info: Danimus

10 months ago#8
geodANGER posted...
over 90 percent will be worthless I bet.

I agree, a lot of XB360 games are worth little to nothing, have you shopped at your local Gamestop lately tc? And how many of those old 360 games are going for $5 and under? I think it'll be a long time before those games go up in value if at all for some of them, I think physical isn't going away for a long time either. My guess is that discs will be around for at least the next four years.
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