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User Info: DragonKnightFPQ

11 months ago#1
New topic since BC can’t be shared

Contest ends Saturday 1pm US Eastern time

Winner chosen at random unless (see below)

Must be an XB1 Game - NO BC

$30 limit

+ $10 per 100 posts

100 = $40
200 = $50
300 = $60
400 = $70

If 500 posts, final post instant win $70 + random $10 giveaway

Can get multiple games if within winning threshold

Must acknowledge interest in participating in your post. Or post what youd like if won w/ price(s)

Any questions, ask!


User Info: RonBurgundy929

11 months ago#2
Xbox One X & PS4 Pro: RonBurgundy929

User Info: OCRAZYGun

11 months ago#3
Let’s setup shop.
My only complaint with this game has been lag/camera angles.-RS_YELARAKA
Camera angles? You're playing Black Ops 2, not Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.-Lerthyr

User Info: TBONE_OG

11 months ago#4

*Eats all the ham*
Always O.G.

User Info: KID VID

11 months ago#5
Well damn. Good on you TC if this is legit. 👏👏
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: KIDD VIDD Mixer.com/KIDD_VIDD http://orig08.deviantart.net/2c55/f/2016/187/1/9/kid_vid_by_fuee-da8egm3.jpg

User Info: BigLongDowner

11 months ago#6
GT - Typ3 O Negativ3; PSN - BigLongDowner
Wishlist: Assassin's Creed Origins.

User Info: DragonKnightFPQ

11 months ago#7

Must be US Region

Can somesone confirm if Canada would work, or if I can gift if I made a UK account?

User Info: Eyekon313

11 months ago#8
Well I wish good luck to whoever wins this generous offer.

User Info: karvinyereizowt

11 months ago#9
Good job DragonKnightFPQ!

I saw how it got all flip flopped in your other tooic. Anyway I’ll give it another go...and thanks again!

Hand of Fate 2 -$29.99
Do you know the "Sulu Dance?"

User Info: Theleeham

11 months ago#10
Okami for me if you dont mind creating the uk account.
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