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User Info: SigmaLongshot

11 months ago#1
What do you regard as the most disappointing sequel in the history of videogames?

Perhaps it's just a personal disappointment, where a favourite aspect of your beloved game was dropped/altered for the sequel. Or maybe it's more that the game took monumental success, both critically and financially, and completely squandered it with an abysmal half-effort.

Whatever it is... for you, what's the MOST DISAPPOINTING GAME SEQUEL EVER?
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User Info: MrBonestripper

11 months ago#2
RE6. I might have said Zelda II, but I flat out hated that game over finding it disappointing.
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User Info: FaytlessHearts

11 months ago#3
Uncharted 4 killed ever wanting to play another UC. What f***ing garbage lol

User Info: fratalien

11 months ago#4
Devil May Cry 2, Dino Crisis 3, and RE6 come to mind.
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User Info: redditon4chan

11 months ago#5

I had a soft spot for the first Lost Planet game. It was one of the first games I really played online on the 360. Even more than Gears at the time. (This is probably mostly due to the fact I sucked at Gears, but whatever)

So I was pretty jacked about Lost Planet 2 up until I was actually there playing it.
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User Info: ArwingCommander

11 months ago#6
Master of Orion 3
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User Info: KenRobert

11 months ago#7
Devil May Cry 2 for me. Aside from a couple of new cool combat moves and the apperance of Dante, the game was worse in every way.

Thankfully 3 somewhat made up for it.

User Info: the_lpt

11 months ago#8
for me? Destiny 2
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

11 months ago#9
Perfect Dark Zero
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User Info: Agent_Stroud

11 months ago#10
The EA/DICE Star Wars Battlefront II is mine. It actually made me want to petition Microsoft to make the original Battlefront and Battlefront II backwards compatible.
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