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User Info: RikashiX

11 months ago#101
DirkMcGurkin posted...
grampamurked posted...
RikashiX posted...
I just snagged it was watching some of the clips on Xbox. Noticed the combat being weirdly familiar. Scrolled up saw it was Deep Silver. Said to myself oh s***.
Went back to the clips and its basically Dead Island with Medieval skin on it but polished.

Looks great and I enjoyed DI and DI2 a lot. So it just seems less enemies since they isnt 50 million zombies chasing you but a couple of guards..

But who knows there might be huge battles. Can't wait to dig in.

Deep Silver bought into the game AFTER development. They had nothing to do with the combat style.

They’re also just the publisher right? Techland did Dead Island and Dying Light

Ah my bad, it does look similar to me though.
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User Info: Connora711

11 months ago#102
I'm loving it so far! I'm 12 hours in and I'm just now staring to train and stuff after you join that one Kings army. You know the one you have to get the sword to. I feel like this game is HUGE and the story isn't even really started yet. I'm basically 12 HOURS IN AND I JUST GOT DONE SWORD TRAINING AND NOW I'M GOING HUNTING WITH THIS NOBAL GUY! This is definitely a long but fun game. Oh and don't expect to find any good armor right now.
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User Info: huerito323

11 months ago#103
Discharged19DCS posted...
huerito323 posted...
Armyofone posted...
Why can't you ppl discuss this game without bashing TES?Hipsters? This game will never reach the heights of Skyrim, so trying to tear down TES games to build up Kingdom is pointless. It'd be great to see a review for KC without a needless TES bashing conment

What heights are those? I love Skyrim but the vanilla game is bland and boring. Mods make the game amazing. The most popular mods are realism mods that turn the game into a survival game, improve combat that punishes button mashers, realistic NPCs....it's all about realism and immersion. With Kingdom Come Deliverance, we already get that, no need to mod the game.

They are two completely different games for different crowds.

The heights of having a 96 on metacritic and having sold around 25m copies. Those are some pretty high heights.

Metacritic? Are you one of those people that buy games based on their metacritic score? Pretty sad if that's the case. And sales have nothing to do with the quality of a game.

Metacritic scores and sales are irrelevant to me. I simply speak on the game itself. You clearly live in a another world than me if those 2 things are so important to you.
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