Firewatch/Edith Finch: Just watch walkthrough on youtube ?

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User Info: rhino504

3 months ago#1
I was considering buying Firewatch and What Remains of Edith Finch (they both got very good reviews and are on sale now).

I did some research on them, and it seems they both have very good stories, but there is very little actual gameplay involved. It looks like you walk around in each game discovering parts of the story.

So I thought that instead of buying the games, why not just watch a youtube walkthrough ?

Do you think for these 2 games you would get much less enjoyment by watching on youtube instead of playing yourself ?

Thanks !
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User Info: Splooie

3 months ago#2
Unless you're wanting to play something different right now or you're into that genre, then yeah it's probably a youtube watch. Or if you're into achievements.

User Info: Zombody2

3 months ago#3
Hard to say. I loved Firewatch and I would argue playing it is far more immersive and absorbing than watching it...but Im into this type of game style.

So I think experiencing it for yourself is by far and away the better choice, but I don’t think thats right for everyone

User Info: uubershikamarux

3 months ago#4
Firewatch is on sale? hmmm might have to get it.
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User Info: Tolly

3 months ago#5
Yes, watching a video will suffice. Though, with Edith Finch, you won't truly be able to inspect the environment the way you'll want to. The attention to detail to everything is excellent. Half the fun is simply exploring/inspecting the environment.
GT/PSN: Tollyonium
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