You need to get Black Desert!

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User Info: trostol

7 months ago#21
wasn't overly entertained when i played it on PC....

User Info: Cruddy_horse

7 months ago#22
I'd rather not play another terrible MMO, can't f***ing stand 90% of them.
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User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

7 months ago#23
I plan on it. My friend plays it all the time on PC and loves it
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User Info: ssj954vegito

7 months ago#24
So it's a one time purchase right? How much is it?
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User Info: Falchion92

7 months ago#25
Might pick it up if it's on disc.
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User Info: wansanchez

7 months ago#26
Looks good but from what i have read it sounds like it should be a F2P.No interest in a F2P model that has an entry fee.That and the talk of P2W and PVP focus are why i will be skipping this one and checking out Tera instead.
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User Info: Beers

7 months ago#27
Syn_Vengeance posted...
Nah, not a fan of MMORPGs.
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User Info: Beasthunt

7 months ago#28
20 hours I an MMO is no time. You are still under buyers excitement. You've seen nothing of the game yet. Report back after a few hundred hours.

I have it on PC. And it's by no means the greatest MMO of all
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User Info: QueenTakhisis

7 months ago#29
Ah, Black Desert Online. The game where I had a lot of fun making my own character, then spent 10+ hours running around aimlessly, not having a clue what to do or where to go, and where I couldn't even find a stupid shop to sell off my inventory. Fun times. Lol. I'm sure it's great if you "get it", but I certainly didn't. I'm sticking to Final Fantasy XIV. :-)
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User Info: DigitalFury_

7 months ago#30
arjames13 posted...
AltiarLio posted...
its beautiful and has amazing combat but after about 40hours u run into a pay2win wall or spend 20/30 hours grinding the same mobs and its trash.


The combat is ridiculously fun and the visuals are amazing, but there's no PvE endgame other than grinding hordes of regular mobs to gain xp/gold. The main focus is PvP but it's extremely difficult to catch up without paying money...

Hard pass.
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