The next Xbox - what's most important to you?

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User Info: SigmaLongshot

6 months ago#1
As a keen player of the Xbox One X, I'm definitely more than happy with my console gaming as it stands today.

But obviously, the next console generation is coming in our lifetime, and we have to have dreams, right?

So when the next Xbox lands, what will be the most important facet of the hardware, software, peripherals and services for you? Bear in mind, this is completely hypothetical, so you can be outlandish if you like.

Will you be satisfied with a "strong box" that sits under your TV and puts out 99K graphics at XFPS with no change or update to anything else? How about a radical alteration to the controller, perhaps one with pressure nodes on each of your fingertips? How about a console that isn't a console at all, but is instead a subscription-based service you can install on any device, no matter how small? Or maybe you want the next Xbox to be an AR mega Hololens which is both a game console and a PC all in one?

Hey, maybe all it'd take to sell you on the next Xbox is Halo 7. Nobody's here to judge. I'm fickle too.

XB1/XB360/Wii U: TotoMimo PS4: Gooey_Toto/SigmaLongshot
A decade working in AAA game development? Time certainly flies.

User Info: vigorm0rtis

6 months ago#2
This is what I want:

XB1 has a solid build. It's a quiet, cool, reliable rig. Keep that.
Controller's alright but I don't like the trigger designs. I'm not interested in the 'finger roll.' Traditional triggers, please.
Continue with BC as it is.
Expand on exclusive library. I don't much care whether a game is exclusive or not, but the fact is that my last 3 GOTYs weren't playable on XB.
I wonder if 'Deus Vult' would still be such a popular phrase in nerdom if they knew there was no 'v' sound in Latin.

User Info: JcOpIVY86

6 months ago#3
Backwards compatibility and continue the Game Pass.
Those are two things PlayStation aren’t doing right or at all.

Since both systems are PC based, there’s no excuse for either of the next consoles to not have backwards compatibility.
Sometimes it's what you don't do that makes you who you are.

User Info: RonBurgundy929

6 months ago#4
Playing Xbox One games on it. Having every digital title on my account available to play on launch day.

And they absolutely must fix the long install times. There’s still no reason for it to be this damn slow, 4 years later.
Xbox One X & PS4 Pro: RonBurgundy929

User Info: mymagicfingers

6 months ago#5
I hope from now on, every game is backwards compatible with future Xbox consoles.
Please don't change the controllers!!
Xbox- MyMagicFingers

User Info: SigmaLongshot

6 months ago#6
Legitimately, I'd like a console with a USP that's not just "the same but stronger". If the next Xbox turns out to be the Hololens itself (not an add-on, I mean that IS the console) I'll be incredibly chuffed.

Imagine a console that, much like the Switch, isn't tied to the TV at all. If you wanted to play traditional games, you'd just create an AR screen and play on that. If you want VR, the lenses can obscure the outside world and offer gyroscopic movement-based gameplay. If you want to play that awesome Star Wars beast chess thing Chewbacca plays with C3PO on the Millennium Falcon, but projected onto your coffee table, you can do that too.
XB1/XB360/Wii U: TotoMimo PS4: Gooey_Toto/SigmaLongshot
A decade working in AAA game development? Time certainly flies.

User Info: zxghostravenxz

6 months ago#7
I want ultra reality with my next Xbox. Complete with psychedelic colors and unicorns.
Why settle for 2 birds with one stone, when you can get a whole bunch with one hand grenade GT: zxGhostRavenxz

User Info: KiltyMcBagpipes

6 months ago#8
No gimmicks.
i7 Extreme 6950X | 4x MSI GeForce GTX 1080 8GB | ASUS Rampage V Edition 10 | 128GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200Mhz | 2x Samsung 850 Evo 2TB SSD (RAID)

User Info: Brownstone

6 months ago#9
Power and services first. More exclusives would be nice too but less important.
Gamertag: Mr Brownstone64

User Info: Boogie_WoogieWu

6 months ago#10
∞k@∞fps, 5 1024PB SSDs, and free.

But, honestly, realize that more and more true gamers want power over cost, so get away from weak hardware, as well as cheap hardware, to keep costs down, and I'm not just talking powerhouse components, I'm also talking about build quality, and maybe something like modular controllers, so if a thumbstick breaks, you can easily replace that thumbstick instead of having to replace the whole controller or having the knowhow and tools to do it.
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