Should I take it back?

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User Info: erc87

3 months ago#1
I powered up my refurbished original xbox one and the controller didnt work except for the xbox symbol button. I took out the power chord and fired it up again and it worked. Should I return it under guarantee?

User Info: BestinTheThread

3 months ago#2
What do you think?
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User Info: agentspoon

3 months ago#3
Have you synced them?
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User Info: ill-thoughts

3 months ago#4
keep the Xbox. buy a new controller.
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3 months ago#5
Never buy refurbished consoles.
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User Info: djwagon

3 months ago#6
RS_YELARAKA posted...
Never buy refurbished consoles.

this you have no clue how long they will last or they are dead after you take them out of the store ..just spend alittle more on a new one and get a store warranty

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User Info: Net Shark

Net Shark
3 months ago#7
How much may I ask did you pay? A new S is only $199.00.
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User Info: erc87

3 months ago#8
$275 new zealand dollars the S is around $340

User Info: KID VID

3 months ago#9
Should of spent that extra $65 on a new system.
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User Info: TrickyPony

3 months ago#10
Meh, I get it. I wouldn’t have but we do the best with what we can.

You’re probably okay, but if you have lingering doubts then yeah take it back and get another one
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