Your Kinect Adapter is worth around $150.

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  3. Your Kinect Adapter is worth around $150.

User Info: Biohazard911

1 month ago#1
I just looked on eBay and most are selling for around $150. That's nearly the price that some Xbox One S sold for around black friday.

Demand has been crazy for them since they were discontinued. Is the hacking community that large on PC to make them that valuable? At $150 I'd rather buy a backup phat XB1 and still have money left over.
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User Info: Arizona_Joe

1 month ago#2
Panic prices. After 6 months all those idiots who bought them trying to sell them will be doing giveaway prices trying to get most of their money back. I plan on picking one up when they drop to $10.
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  3. Your Kinect Adapter is worth around $150.

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