Microsoft don't you dare put loot boxes in achievements and avatars

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User Info: spartain117

7 months ago#1
I'm going to be mad if they do. If they do implement loot boxes that's BS.
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User Info: LordTrevelyan

7 months ago#2
Can’t wait for all the sense of pride and accomplishment I will feel if they do add those glorious loot boxes
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User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

7 months ago#3
They could wipe achievements and avatars off planet earth and I wouldn’t care.
Just another thing to ignore about modern gaming.

User Info: Agent_Stroud

7 months ago#4
People actually still use their avatars even though custom gamerpics are allowed on the Xbone? What is this, I don’t even...
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User Info: Hailzfire

7 months ago#5
Yeah, rewards for achievements is dumb.
Nobody wants that.
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User Info: mcnichoj

7 months ago#6
So much clickbait.
Basically you'll get a free currency or drops if you spend 500+ hours playing only a specific game as opposed to racking up tons of gamerscore.

This is all basically a non-issue. No one cared about avatars back then. Even with lootbox avatar drops, you'll still be able to buy an overpriced lightsaber for $5 straight out with no RNG. They actually for a short time had a RNG avatar prop system on the 360, you spun a prize wheel and had a chance to win an item they had available for that month and once you got that item it was removed from the prizes you could win. I believe they only did this for a whopping two months and each spin was an actual reasonable $2 or so (they were still using Microsoft Points at the time so 200MSP).

That said you could just completely ignore avatars and enjoy the Xbox 100% to the same degree as you do now. This changes nothing.

One final thing. lol@not mentioning Gears 4 or Halo 5 lootboxes. Guy knows hardly anything about Xbox.

Edit: Can't find any videos or images of the old prize wheel (again, this is how much people didn't care) but I did find a thread about people talking about it.
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User Info: 0TiamaT0

7 months ago#7
I’m glad to see they’re putting so much time, money and energy into avatars...

Considering no one gives a s*** about them, and everyone wants games, it’s nice to see Microsoft has its priorities in place.
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User Info: kryptin

7 months ago#8
Terrible video

Why do people keep bringing up Forza 7 loot boxes? You can't buy credits with real money and the tokens will probably never be released now after the backlash. You don't even need to use them at all. Switching to long races earns you way more credits than any mods would with normal.

People are freaking out about this over nothing. Any loot boxes would probably be just for avatar accessories. Unless you really care about your avatar, this will make no difference to you. There isn't anything they could really do with achievements with loot boxes, if anything, I bet they make some new type of gamercard and have new looks for them be in boxes. This would all be cosmetic. The last thing they would do is screw with gamerscore and piss a lot of their fans off when they are trying to win people back. This is nothing like Star Wars Battlefront 2 or other games that have abused loot boxes.
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User Info: vegeta40

7 months ago#9
LOL this is such a non issue. They might give you some avatar awards for getting achievements. I'm going to love getting rewarded for my gamerscore. This isn't isn't pay to win garbage like BF2, it's not in a game so there is nothing to win. It's nice little extra for achievement whores like myself.
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User Info: Animeboy413

7 months ago#10
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