Dragon Ball FighterZ Beta is open to everyone now

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User Info: krazykiwikid

7 months ago#41
"Server is under maintenance"

Sort the s*** out already. I wonder if they're extend the beta another day because of this clusterf***.
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User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
7 months ago#42
Well it is a beta. They make no promises.
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User Info: b166er01

7 months ago#43
I never got into a match after trying multiple regions for casual and ranked. Multiple times i also got kicked out of lobby Everytime I completed just one section of tutorial. I have patience, and do understand it's beta (so nothings promised), but c'mon now. Zero matches played after all that? At least have a spectator mode (unless they do and I missed it)

I was gonna delete it, but didn't as it's so small. Also waiting to see: If people report a better experience tomorrow, I'll give it one more shot.
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User Info: uncledonnie3

7 months ago#44
The whole point of this “beta” is basically a stress test on the servers so they can try to be prepared as possible for when the game launches. I just wish they gave us at least a versus mode against CPU.

User Info: K3NGL1SH

7 months ago#45
Been playing the tutorial and loving it. It's flashy fun and is basically like playing anime. Definitely picking up day 1.

As for servers? Beta is a beta. Not gonna get tilted. Still hyped.

User Info: doomcrusader

7 months ago#46
How do you launch the beta? I have it installed but no option to play it.

User Info: doomcrusader

7 months ago#47
Nevermind, I had early access beta installed.

User Info: KakkaKarrotKake

7 months ago#48
The same exact **** as the original beta.

User Info: VENOMOUS75

7 months ago#49
Online still not working. I'm hyped, but I have the feeling online is going to get annoying awfully fast.

Between the fast Pace, the ability to break guards and an instant transmission that hits from behind, I see a lot of abuse of the system on the way.

Still fun, but I'll Probably do a lot of arcade A. I. play. At least I hope There's an arcade Ladder and A. I. Vs modes
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User Info: skermac

7 months ago#50
Raiden243 posted...
Same, I’m searching for matches but nothig is happening

Probably because your internet connection is too slow
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