Are you getting Sea of Thieves?

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User Info: Brownstone

6 months ago#42
xninjagrrl posted...
Brownstone posted...
quickl posted...
After playing in the beta, I just don't understand the appeal.

What's your gamertag?

Edit: as i suspected you didn't answer me.

Why would he give out his gt? I also played the alpha, wasn't impressed and am not giving you my gt. I'll try the beta just in case but as it stands I'm not buying this.

Nevermind, i thought it was Quincy. Don't even know why would ask anyway, he doesn't own an xbox.
Gamertag: Mr Brownstone64

User Info: Magula_Garula

6 months ago#43
No. Not interested in multiplayer stuff.

Though I do have to give Rare credit for creating something new, and not simply pumping out a new Banjo game.
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User Info: Need2KnowLion

6 months ago#44
INKU48 posted...
I need a public demo/beta to convince me or an eyebrow-raisingly positive reception. I'm not convinced by the footage I have see. Nice water though.

Preorder the game and you can get access to the Closed Beta later this month.

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

6 months ago#45
No single player no buy.

User Info: Mr_Starch

6 months ago#46
Mr_Killstreak posted...
No, doesn't look fun.

This knocks it out of the park
GT- Dr Acti0n PhD
Nintendo id- Dr_Action_PhD

User Info: Rafficus_III

6 months ago#47
Pre-ordered yo.
GT: Rafficus III | |The Amazing Spiderman of GameFaqs
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