Windows Sonic for headphones

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User Info: SsjGodBrolydbz

6 months ago#1
Gives you 7.1 surround. If you use the audio jack on your one x controller it gives you also an option to crank up the volume to 100 percent. It works for all headphones that have a jack. Even earbuds. Its like a movie theater in your ear. Try dbz videos. You can hear Goku screaming in your ear.

User Info: Mordenkainen

6 months ago#2
It really is excellent as a free alternative. Dolby Atmos is even better, but costs money.

You can’t go wrong with either option.

User Info: blaze120683

6 months ago#3
It’s not 7.1 it’s simulated. Still sounds good but not headset gives 7.1
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