Best Resident Evil game

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User Info: MrDolfan

6 months ago#31
I came to vote for Code : Veronica but sans that, I really enjoyed RE5. The treasure hunting aspect I really dug.
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User Info: CasuallyDressed

6 months ago#32
kingofjamaica posted...
1. RE2
2. REmake
3. RE7


User Info: NavyVet88

6 months ago#33
Syn_Vengeance posted...
REmake, RE2 and RE5 are my personal favorites.

You also shouldn’t leave out Zero, Code Veronica and Resident Evil 6 from your list, some people like those games.

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User Info: AWarAmp84

6 months ago#34
2 & 4.
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User Info: tzuyd

6 months ago#35
Discharged19DCS posted...
Still doing this gimmick?

Winning? It's not a gimmick to those who aren't losing.
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