Do you guys prefer the older days of gaming back when a game console was simply

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User Info: Rod1984

3 months ago#1
a gaming console? Dont get me wrong, I love my xbox and ps4, but tonight I got reacquainted with my ps2. I was in my attic looking for something, and found my old ps2 with a copy of x-files resist or serve still in the disc tray(complete coincidence by the way since x-files season 11 episode 2 is airing tonight lol). For laughs I fired it up and immediately the game loaded right up with no BS advertising for new games, whats on tv, whats trending etc, no sponsor bullcrap, just me, the power button and the game starting immediately. Hmm well as I am typing this, I realize I get just that with the nintendo switch guess thats one thing I need to give nintendo props for. Not to mention this is my launch model ps2, how many of you have your original launch models of the latest systems? Hell I remember i went through 7 xbox 360s, 3 ps3s, and one time I was forced to buy a replacement xbox one, but the one s and one x I did buy willingly.Just felt like a good throwback to a simpler time of gaming I wanted to share, anyone have any opinions about how far gaming has gone and if its in the right direction?

User Info: vashkey

3 months ago#2
I really dont care there are some ads on the dashboard. Its pretty easy to launch a game.

If you're just going to talk about interface abd functionality, i prefer modern consoles

And I had to buy three ps2s because of the disc read errors and the weak laser. I had to deal with the rrod on the 360 three times and when i bought my first ps3 i had to return in the next week.

I havent had any issues with any ofbthe modern systems

User Info: Sila98

3 months ago#3
I prefer modern consoles with their increased functionality

User Info: b166er01

3 months ago#4
7 360's? Damn lol. Guess I was one of the extremely lucky ones. Zero rrod
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User Info: ExempliGratia

3 months ago#5
I don't notice or pay attention to the ads so no TC I don't feel the same way you do.

I like having a console that can do more than one thing. I use the Xbox ones HDMI in for my cable since launch. I can't live without it now .
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User Info: DirkMcGurkin

3 months ago#6
I can pause a game, turn off my Xbox, turn it back on the next day, and unpause my game where I left off. I don’t miss the older days.
Gamertag: Dirk McGurkin

User Info: Switchgamer

3 months ago#7
Yes TC, I prefer the days when consoles didn't connect to the net, I feel although it's brought some positives, it's also made them far worse.

Give me a 1970's-1980's system any day, turn on, load game and play.

No installs
No patches
No online only
No dlc
No microtransactions
No social media trash
No faecesbook
No f***ing loot boxes
No XBL gold - PS+ rip offs

Gaming is going down the pan. ..meanwhile, I can plug in my 30-40 year old systems and play games pretty much instantly.

Sure, the graphics are amazing but the price is too high considering the downsides.

User Info: Boogie_WoogieWu

3 months ago#8
So, a DVD player that could also play games (that is how some saw it, and it may or may not have been marketed as such) made you think back to when consoles were just consoles?

User Info: rhklce

3 months ago#9
I do not miss them, no.

User Info: Rod1984

3 months ago#10
Guess I worded my post wrong, not saying I prefer the old days, I dont mind revisiting the old days but after years of having my xbox one as the entertainment hub of my home theater system, I can never go back lol just thought it was a fun nostalgic trip back in time, like visiting an old friend you haven't seen in years and they are still fun being around
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